The Anti-Racist / Racist


Israel is not a suprematist white anti racist Apartheid state , Israel is not an Apartheid state . What BDS is doing is taking people for a ride because of BDS Israeli affiliations and involvements with Jewish and Israeli intellectuals and so on who believe in the right of Israel to exist on Palestinian land with some concessions given to Palestinians that are still undefined . Israel is not an Apartheid state and Palestinians are not just segregated against or exploited or just victims of segregationist policies . There is much more to this and every Palestinian knows this and every Arab .You are deviating the whole matter and BDS goal is to find a common ground suitable to the Jews and Israelis who cater to its activities and share in designing its moves and policies to the point that BDS is exposing honest pro Palestinian activists like Gilad Atzmon or George Galloway and Ken O’Keefe . All this but shows the Israeli hand behind the matter , so stop fooling people. Only Israel can benefit from exposing people like Galloway and Atzmon . And Israelis and Jews working with BDS ARE BEHIND THIS AND NO ONE HAS THE LEAST DOUBT ABOUT IT .On the other hand, considering Israel as an Apartheid state comes in handy for the usurping state of Israel that is encountering the greatest challenge ever encountered since its foundation whereby it has been defeated twice and expelled from south Lebanon by a handful of freedom fighters with moderate weapons . After its vulnerability and weakness being exposed and its mighty army defeated, Israel has found great advantage in catering to so called “peaceful “organizations who do not believe in armed struggle, as Palestinian organizations generally do . From here came the idea of BDS that has erased from its amendment- contrary to the original South African anti Apartheid movement – any mention of armed Resistance which is the black beast Israel fears most. Therefore the anti racial policies BDS calls for are first : to give Israel the legal status of an Apartheid State and second : to overlook the armed Resistance –the actual remedy- as a successful righteous means to retrieve the land and the rights . BDS is a world order creation and its funding coming from the EU and SOROS institutes- among others- prove it . No one is saying that Israel should not be boycotted , but this boycott policy – as applied by BDS have not hurt Israel and have not improved the Palestinian condition nor achieved anything significant on the ground, on the contrary the cause has never been so much exposed and unfocused . The truth is that organizations- like BDS- have hijacked the Palestinian cause to give it a color and direction of antiracism and so on that are alien to Arabs and Palestinians who- because of their cultural and religious belonging – cannot identify with the western notions of racism and non racism . The party benefiting from all this are the racist/antiracist Israelis themselves who are sailing in familiar waters and are given more time to complete their vicious endeavor while we find ourselves immersed in sectarian and religious differences and racist and anti racist issues to which we have no clue . BDS should stand for what it really is and disclose its World Order affiliations and stop claiming to represent the Palestinian people and the Palestinian Cause.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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