Behind the Scenes: Syrian Opposition Funded from Gaddafi’s Secret Accounts

Local Editor
  • According to sources close to Dar Al Iftaa in Beirut, those who tried to attack Sheikh Khalifeh in Mohammad Al Amin Mosque last week, did that upon a request from the Al-Mustaqbal party leadership. The Iftaa circles said they will file a suit and follow up the case with the judiciary.

Sheikh Khalifeh

  • Gulf countries are working to allocate billions of dollars to fund the Syrian military groups, however, the money comes from secrets accounts in Europe which belonged to Libyan president Moammar Gaddafi.


  • All accounts talk about the mother of all battles that will take place soon on a large scale in Syria, preparations by both parties are underway, with expectations that the government forces will deal the militants a decisive blow that would convince them to sit to the dialogue table, yet, without conditions this time.

Syrian army

Source: Al-Manar Website
11-03-2013 – 10:07 Last updated 11-03-2013 – 10:07

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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