Colonization And Apartheid

Daniel Mabsout,

ANC President Nelson Mandela (R) welcome

Nobody knows what caused oppressed people to take their enemy to be the Apartheid system only and- consequently- to turn anti Apartheid into a goal standing by itself. Did they want to be on par with their enemy seeking equality with him? Were they envious of the privileges the enemy enjoyed in their homeland forgetting that- what the enemy had- was basically taken fro…m them?
This whole Apartheid / anti Apartheid story does not stand , it looks more like a set up in which Africans were trapped . South Africans were suffering from European colonization and not from segregation alone . Segregation was one of the effects of colonization and occupation . Replacing the removal of occupation by the removal of segregation made the occupiers owners of the house and possessors of rights that they should grant equally to others ; it turned the oppressed -who are the owners of the land- into wretched mendicants begging at the wrong doors for the rights that the white master can give or withhold .
Consolidating the struggle of the indigenous people around segregation pleases the colonizer who went further one step to guide their struggle by giving them something tangible to struggle against and that is laws of segregation.
The final say lies in the hands of the white master who is expected to remove segregation laws and issue anti racist and anti segregationist laws to protect the rights of the oppressed. In fact these laws protect the occupier more than they protect the oppressed . It gives the illegal occupier a legal status by making him a law maker and leaves the oppressed dispossessed giving his land in exchange for a non segregationist law . The occupier got definitely a good deal . If this is what happened in South Africa then this is extremely dangerous and should not be repeated . All this fuss about the Apartheid / anti Apartheid thing is to let the colonizer get away with what he’s got and let the colonized remain in a subjugated condition from which there is no escape since his condition has been legalized . This is the biggest trap ever imagined by big brother and the next to fall in it are the Palestinians!

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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