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Human Rights Watch Official Website & Twitter Accounts Hacked by Syrian Electronic Army

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The hackers from Syrian Electronic Army have hacked and defaced the official website of Human Rights Watch (HRW) ( along with 3 of its Twitter accounts. Syrian Electronic Army known as hardcore supporters of Syrian president Bashar ul Assad, defaced the site an hour ago, leaving their deface page which redirects the sites to army’s official forum. While three of Human Rights Watch Twitter accounts were also taken over, one of the accounts is verified account of HRW with 568,467 followers. Other two accounts belong to Hanan Salah, Libyan researcher at Human Rights Watch and third account belongs to HRW Indonesia. Human Rights Watch’s website and Twitter account ( were regained a while ago with an apology on earlier Tweets against USA and Saudi Arabia by Syrian Electronic Army. Human-right-watch-twitter-account-hacked-by-Syrian-Electronic-Army-1 - Copy
The accounts of Hanan Salah ( and HRW Indonesia ( were still displaying Tweets left by the hackers.
Human-right-watch-twitter-account-hacked-by-Syrian-Electronic-Army-2 - Copy
Link of Human Rights Watch targeted domain: Mirror of hacked Human Rights Watch domain:

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