The BDS Intrinsic Part of Oslo Agreement

Daniel Mabsout,


The boycott movement draws its anti Zionist dimension from recognizing the right of the colonized to fight the colonizer.

In year 2005 , 172 Palestinian organizations called for a generalized boycott of Israel in terms of protests against the colonialist and racist policy of the Zionist state.

… The Palestinian organizations appealed for the International Solidarity Movement to support this call within the frame of a BDS campaign. This mobilization came as a response to the Apartheid and to the Israeli occupation and colonization and as a non violent available means to stop the crazy terrorist race of the Israeli state that is threatening to the Palestinians and to all.

The boycott of Israel , like that in South Africa , will permit thus to end the Apartheid policy .
We will not discuss here the usefulness of such a boycott, but we will discuss the use made of this boycott campaign by a group of foreign parties and unions and associations that claim to be pro Palestinian.

These groups, and after endorsing the Oslo agreement, and condemning the military acts of the Palestinian resistance, have sided with the policy of negotiations and its twin , the right of Israel to exist.

These organizations that answered the call of BDS have also overlooked the historic and fundamental right of return of the six millions Palestinian refugees to their homeland , and have also kept silent regarding the criminal policy of Judaisation practiced against the Palestinians in the occupied territories of 1948.

Whereas it is clear that the peace process , initiated in Oslo, in year 1993, was but a diverting maneuver to do away with the Palestinian uprising that had started in 1987 and resume the process of colonization counting on the Palestinian oligarchy monitoring a security apparel , another historic reality imposed itself in the impossibility of a two state solution .

The colonial expansion of Israel , the repression , and the ethnic cleansing carried on by the Jewish colonial forces and by the collaborators of the Palestinian authority proves the structural impossibility of the two states solution.

History proves, once again, that – in a colonial given context – and contrary to the stands taken by the pro-Palestinian organizations, peaceful existence between a colonial system and colonized people seems impossible .

On the other hand, the growth and consolidation of the anti Zionist resistance manifest in the Lebanese Resistance victory over Israel in years 2000 and 2006 and in the legislative victory of Hamas in the 2006 elections and its victory over the Israelis in Gaza in year 2009 , should have lead these organizations to the conclusion that , the balance of power that determines the relation between Palestinians and Israelis is of colonial nature. It is founded- on one hand- on the racist negation and expulsion of the Palestinians by the colonial Jews, and – on the other hand- on the development of the anti colonial Palestinian Resistance.

These organizations have proved a great continuity in their analysis , but have overlooked two fundamental principles that are supportive of the Palestinian struggle in order to retrieve Palestinians’ national rights.

The first is recognizing the colonial and racist character of the Israeli society and the Israeli state and that colonization did not start in 1967 and not even in 1948 when Israel was created, but is inherent to the Zionist project since it started at the end of the 19th century .

The second is, the unconditional support to the Palestinian Resistance , whatever is the form of such Resistance, whether political , social , cultural or military .

Adapted from a post by Comite Action Palestine

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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