"The US is helping build an Islamic Emirate in Syria"


“…There are now an estimated 80,000 Syrian Islamist fighters engaged in battle, as well as approximately 18,000 foreign Islamist militiamen, according to sources. This includes some 2,000 fighters who are members of the Uighur ethnic group, a Muslim minority of Turkic heritage who live mostly in China. The Nusra Front, along with several other Islamist groups, have designs on turning post-revolution Syria into an Islamic caliphate. Fadel al-Salim, a lawyer who is close to the Nusra Front, told The Daily Star: “We are working to re-establish the Islamic caliphate in Syria, and we have informed [Syrian National Council head] Moaz al-Khatib that we will not accept the building of a civil state in Syria. We control the ground and will rule by Islamic law…” The Daily Star

“… An interesting article and fairly accurate except that it continues the MSM and neocon line that the revolt in Syria was secular in origin and that there are large parts of the rebel movement that are not under effective Islamist control. In the case of the media, these ideas are based in the “Iraq Syndrome” (appalling ignorance and acceptance of partisan propaganda). And then, there are, of course the neocon chickenhawk journalists who are eager for another US war in the Middle East.
Lurking in the article are a couple of unfortunate truths:
American government personnel are training Islamist fighters in Jordan and possibly Turkey.
American government liaison people are mouthing the line that there are good islamists and then there are bad Islamists. We have been doing that kind of thing for a decade. Egypt seems to have taught us nothing. Lang’s Postulate – “Islamist governments ALWAYS want just two things. These are attainment and retention of absolute power, and creations of a sharia law state.”
The bottom line is that the US is now participating in the creation of a sharia law state in Syria,…” pl

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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