KSA will arrest any fighter who comes back from Syria to KSA which proves that the Saudis fighting in Syria are ex convicts that were released by thousands from Saudi prisons and sent to Syria and not expected to return as has been revealed previously . Everything shows that KSA is afraid from the return home of those who- for most of them- were released from prisons . It is also trying to prevent people from joining the opposition for fear of their home coming and its repercussions .. For this reason religious references and the Mufti of KSA have issued fatwas that describe the war in Syria as a civil war that does not call for Jihad. It is worthwhile noticing that the Saudis come first in number among the fighters followed by the Jordanians and Tunisians and Palestinians ,and also Libyans and others citizens of almost 29 countries all in all among them one thousand Australians .

The greatest problems surfacing regarding this matter are in Tunisia where families are been left without news from their children that were sent to Syria by local sheikhs with the knowledge of the government. Ghannoushi and his daughter seem to be implicated in this matter . On the other hand , 13 girls- most of them teen agers- have left with the so called fighters according to fatwas issued by religious references that licensed the momentarily marriage of teen agers with different fighters consequently .

On the other hand, Ghassan Hito of the new government in exile has been relocated in Turkey at the borders with Syria where he is supposed to monitor the affairs of the new government . The next step is to put military pressure on both major cities Aleppo and Damascus within in view to draw the battle to major cities or at least around them . Thousands of fighters are crossing the borders through Djebel el Sheikh and Israel has made great military preparations in the Golan heights and war maneuvers as well.

The next step is to dispossess Syria of its UN chair and give it to the opposition but Russia and China are supposed to veto this step . Assad addressed today the BRICS to help Syria get over this crisis after the decision of the Arab League to give the Chair of Syria to the opposition and decided to continue to arm the opposition with various weapons . The BRICS countries- in their meeting today- opposed the decisions taken by the Arab League and considered them illegal .

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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