Tunisia Sets Up Cells to Combat Salafist Tide, Jihadists Recruitment in Syria

Local Editor
Tunisian Interior Minister Lotfi Ben Jeddo Tunisian Interior Minister Lotfi Ben Jeddo announced Tuesday the formation of “crisis cells to combat terrorist activities” that threaten the country’s security, in addition to a committee that studies the “cyber crimes.”

“We have launched the creation of crisis cells to monitor terrorist activities on the border (with Libya and Algeria) and in the interior, faced with the rise of the radical Salafist movement and the existence of recruitment networks,” the Minister told parliament.
“The High Security Council will hold weekly to follow up those issues,” Ben Jeddo revealed, stating that a new department of the Judicial Police will be formed to deal with cyber crimes.

“A draft law was discussed in December 2012 in the former cabinet (headed by Hamadi Jebali) for the creation of “Technical Agency of Communication” as an independent body concerned in the legal aspects and cyber crimes.


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