Syria : Last Update

Daniel Mabsout,


15000 Syrian soldiers have fell martyrs since the beginning assault on Syria among them 150 officers . 1300 terrorist gangs are fighting in Syria gathered from 40 countries but the Syrian army is still able to deal with those and has mastered new techniques of street war . Under US pressure Jordan has opened its borders with Syria namely in the area of Dar’a where the clashes …started 2 years ago when agents started shooting at both the demonstrators and the police. The demonstrations were never peaceful and weapons were kept in the mosques of Dar’a that were smuggled through tunnels of many kilometers that linked Jordan to the city of Dar’a .The media exaggerated the event and poured fuel on the fire . A journalist reporting from the ground said that demonstrations and protests led by the opposition never exceeded 2 thousands whether in Dar’a or elsewhere .
More and more opposition thugs are being treated in Israel , they receive medical care in Israeli hospitals and after that they are sent back to Syria to resume the fight. They cross to occupied Palestine through Golan Heights .Yesterday number of them were sent back to Syria after receiving medical care in the settlement of Naharia in the north .Giving medical care to the thugs was licensed by the Israeli northern army commander.

Belgium will arrest any Belgian opposition fighter returning from Syria to Belgium.
The shelling of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Damascus with missiles yesterday caused the death of ten students and injured many others .

President Holland refuses to provide the opposition with weapons for fear that they will fall in the hands of fanatics probably after various weapons had reached the fighters of Mali coming from Libya as explained by experts . Mind you , the Libyan arsenals have been for two years now providing the thugs of the opposition with various weapons that were loaded on boats and will leave Libya to reach Lebanon through Egypt and then would be smuggled to Syria . No doubt that Holland knew about that and did not object it , but now the Syrian opposition is no more in a favorable position and its western allies are trying to redefine their positions ..

Ma’az al Khatib will head the coalition of the opposition for another 6 months as ordered by the US administration , and the Patriot missiles he requested will not be deployed at the borders with Iraq .On the other hand the Russian military expanded maneuvers that started yesterday in the Black Sea came as an answer to the US viewing the possibility of creating a NO FLY Zone in northern Syria at the borders with Turkey. The Russian answer came quick in terms of starting the maneuvers .
Israel is also gathering tanks and military equipment at the borders with Lebanon . Israeli militaries fear another war with Lebanon that will be drastic – according to their saying- since the Resistance of Hizbullah is fully equipped and fully on the guard and is expected – in case of war- to launch each day approximately one thousand missiles at Israel that could hit any place in the occupied land . The military experts complained that it will be extremely difficult to deal with the situation and that the Resistance is in possession of a great number of missiles with multiple ranges .

****A growing role is seen played by the popular committees in different Syrian areas who are sharing in the responsibility of protecting the villages and preventing the thugs of the opposition from taking hold of villages and towns . Bread is reaching all areas and the supplies are available for all Syrians.
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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