By Daniel Mabsout,


This goat called Ma’az al Khatib working for the prince of Qatar in the coalition of the opposition is known for not changing his trousers without consulting the US administration . This person has lately come up with the idea , or probably has been fed the idea, of debating the president of Syria Bashshar al Assad openly and directly in Syria itself if not elsewhere .

This person who is on the payroll of Gulf princes has been drawn by his ear by his master-the prince of Qatar- to attend the 24th Conference of the Arab League in order to occupy Syria’s chair in the conference. The troll called Ma’az al Khatib has been threatened that- if he does not do so- everything about his finances will be revealed , as well as other money scandals related to him .
Too bad that the goat -who is supposed to be a respectable Sheikh- feared the scandals and made us miss the opportunity to know more about his successful business . But scandal or no scandal, Ma’az al Khatib is a scandal by himself and like a goat – he seems to be an unstable person that jumps from place to place and cannot make up his mind whether what is happening in Syria is a revolution or a bloodbath or a foreign assault .

The goat has not figured out this yet and keeps alternating between one position and another for the reason that –having the misfortune of being self conscious- he wants to keep the image- that has been greatly damaged -of a clean honest person . But – unfortunately- keeping this image proved difficult and our troll is definitely short of ideas. In all cases, his fear from occupying Syria’s chair in the Arab League Conference seems justified since that he ended up thinking – after the conference -that he is a par to Bashshar al Assad if not Bashshar al Assad himself!

It is a well known fact- of course- that the goat -who gets his orders from the US administration- via the stooge of Qatar- cannot be on par with the ruler and the leader who is confronting the whole World Establishment and challenging the whole World Order with its stooges and mercenaries and thugs of whom Ma’az al Khatib is part. Therefore our troll has to get this truth into his head : that he is not a par to Bashshar al Assad and never will be, and that he is doomed to the condition of pet , this if he is lucky enough not to degenerate into something even lower…

And -as the image of the president Al Assad will shine with more intensity and glory – the image of the goat will continue its descent into the lower conditions of existence until it reaches its destiny in the dustbin of history …It is this much that money can buy Mister Ma’az
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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