How Is Syria Resisting ?

Daniel Mabsout,


Syria is the place where the New World will take shape .The secret of the Syrian Resistance to foreign assault lies in many things . This foreign assault has started in year 2009- in Iran – after the presidential elections, but was defeated by the solidarity of the Iranian society , it was more successful in Arab countries in destabilizing Tunisia, Egypt , Yemen and Libya in what is called the Arab Spring and now is falling from achieving its goals in Syria .

This assault on Syria was undertaken by three major countries : KSA , Qatar and Turkey and behind them their masters of the world order and has used fully the jurisdiction of the Arab League . The conspiracy- relied – in the first place- on the success of demonstrations which – transmitted and organized by al Jazeera channel – were supposed to rally millions . But these demonstrations did not gather enough protesters . Witnesses on the ground said that the protesters in these demonstrations never exceeded 2000. This is how the world order decided to adopt another strategy that consists in sending hired mercenaries and working on creating an army of defector soldiers under pay.

Up to three months ago, the numbers of thugs fighting in Syria was up to 135000, more than half of them from outside Syria coming from almost 29 countries, and 70000 among them had received training and the rest was poorly trained . The recent statistics say that 600 fighters belonging to 14 European countries are now fighting in Syria. Around 2500 thugs were trained by US officers in Jordan but those were not of great use and many among them defected and left. The Syrians among fighters are not in the front lines , it is the foreigners who occupy the front lines and the Syrians are being spared maybe to justify the civil aspect of the war .

On the other hand , the Syrian authorities refrained from mobilizing the full Syrian Arab army -which amounts to little bit less than half a million- and to call for it all on the battle ground, it dispatched- instead- half of it to fight chosen battles that aimed at preventing the thugs from creating isolated spots over which they will have full control and authority . The authorities did not – thus- try to dislodge all thugs from all spots at one time, but opted for choosing its own battles where thugs were at their disadvantage and where they were easily targetable .

On the other hand , and in order to support the Syrian army, the Syrian government created the Army of Defense that counts 70000 thousands soldiers and the Popular Committees who are civilians and have for mission to protect the different areas from the attacks on behalf of different armed groups .

Thus the Syrian Authority has kept more than half the army ready in case attacks escalate or Israel interferes . This wise policy is the secret of the military success of the army not to forget the differences between the factions of the opposition that belongs to 1300 groups most of them with little training and a poor ideology and who end up fighting over the loot and over the supplies. It is the failure of the hired armed mercenaries – in achieving anything on the ground- that caused Obama to come to the region and try other tactics that will expose and weaken Syria more, and this by working with the neighboring countries to cooperate more in the efforts that tend to destabilize Syria. This is how Jordan accepted to reopen the borders with Dar’aa which have been closed lately, and this is why the Prime minister of Lebanon has resigned at a very odd time and this how the fighters were permitted to fight at the Syrian borders with occupied Palestine and to receive medical care there.

The Syrian authorities are still achieving many successes, killing hundreds of thugs, and the thugs -who have been receiving lately an increase in supplies and equipment- are not able to achieve anything material on the ground , their main achievement is restricted to more destruction . For this reason the coalition of the opposition – which represents very little on the ground- has been unable to replace the government and has been denied the chair of Syria at the UN.

**The numbers and the information related to them are from Lebanese Officer :Amin Hoteit


River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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