Arab League represents Dictators not the Arab people

Arab League working for WHO?

Date and Time:28 March 2013 – 9:38 – 

arab league
As You know Arab League is well known for its “doing nothing” for any Arab countries throughout history. Especially we see these cases in Palestine and Iraq. Both Countries are the Arab States and any Aid by AL was/ is a must and legal action according to Int. Law for AL but we have witnessed no actions, steps, decisions taken by AL and even a speech that will make israel uneasy for its Palestinian Occupation, massacre, bloodshed, rape, inhuman acts… and US for its Iraqi Occupation with full of brutalities, inhuman treatments, massacre of millions of innocent civilians.. etc (the tyranny of US, israel will not be talked, the topic is not the brutality of US or israel because it is a clear subject for anyone having human feelings)

BUT what happened to AL to take radical action against Syria and Syrians. What make AL to take these kind of actions? Has there been any changes in the body of AL? Of course NO. The same leaders, premiers. But why the AL representative governments keep their DEEP silence on PALESTINIAN PLIGHT for a very LONG time? Is NOT it so interesting that their acts were/ are just similar to the acts of US, UN other Western Countries. YES the Western Countries, US, Israel, UN… have said nothing for Palestine, Iraq and the same silence by Arab Leaque.

TODAY the Western Countries, UN, Israel and other regional puppets are UNEASY of SYRIA and the same act by Arab League. WHY Arab League shares the same feelings, ideas, acts… etc. with US, Israel, Western Countries, UN and other regional puppets about SYRIA? Here we come across two EASY statements (and many many other of course) that both are enough to UNCOVER the real FACE of Arab League… Firstly: US, israel, Western Countries, UN and other regional puppets were/ are right in their wars, acts, massacres, occupations and thats why AL has said nothing… Secondly: Arab League is batraying to the people of the region under the cover of Islam and Arabism. Both cases Show what Arab League is about in reality and practically…

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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