Recruits Of The World Order

Daniel Mabsout

These are money times not any other times . But never before had money been so well hidden under all kind of labels : freedom, democracy , human rights , civil liberties, religion , holy wars , expression , protests of all kinds , uprisings , and even revolutions and you name it . Everything speaks the language of money .

… The Lebanese singer called Fadl Shaker announced one day that he will quit singing in order to consecrate his full time to prayer . The truth is that he has been closely associating with the dubious sectarian Sheikh Ahmed al Asseer who was getting the millions from Qatar- over which they are both fighting right now – and this activity seemed to be more rewarding than singing .

Think about the money the thugs of Syria get . They say – if what they say is true- that 70 thousand dollars is a down payment plus weapons and equipment and then straight to Syria via Turkey. . In Yemen each family cashed 10 thousand dollars for sending a child to fight in Syria and get on the planes that Turkey had arranged especially for this purpose .

Just think of the person called Amina Tyler a Tunisian girl who –lately- posted controversial pictures of her on Face Book provoking a reaction on behalf of clerics that was wanted and expected . Amina is a so called activist in FEMEN : a Ukranian ”feminist” organization funded by a US millionaire which seeks to infiltrate societies and work with women in order to defame culture and religion . Amina posted these pictures not because she believes in what she’s doing , she posted these pictures simply for the money because each activist working for FEMEN gets 2500 euros per month and Amina said that she will never leave FEMEN not until she’s 80 .

The Child Malala Yusufzai from Pakistan has just opened her Face Book page and is inviting her fans , she is candidate to the Nobel Peace Prize like Obama . Malala seems directly to be a CIA and a British Intelligence project via her parents . We thought that she was injured and incapacitated to a great extent by an assault from Taliban that targeted her . None of this is true . She is another tool of propaganda for defaming and exposing religion, and the ties of her father with US officers are known.

The previous Nobel Peace Prize Recipient Tawakkul Kirman– from Yemen – played a great role in destabilizing her country and creating social unrest during the Arab Spring. .A known NGO who had her picture taken with Hillary and delivered a speech at the UN without saying a word about the dozens of Yemenis who get killed every day by drone attacks . Strange activism indeed on behalf of Tawakkul who presents a real example of foreign infiltration in Arab societies .

Not only average people are being hired and paid but also renowned thinkers and intellectuals – that were thought independent – have fallen for oil money like professor Burhan Ghalyoun and PM ‘Azmi Beshara known as the Arab thinker of Palestine . All have fallen for money and forsaken their status and position as leftist thinkers and revolutionaries for working for the Prince of Qatar. . All have considered money more important than any principle or position or stand .

This is not restricted to intellectuals but includes also great leaders whom the whole Arab and Muslim Nation looks up to and reveres . Think of Isma’il Haniyya and think of Khaled Mish’al ! Remember how much awe and respect we felt for these people who were personifying the Resistance , who were the heroes of the Resistance and the heroes of Palestine !. Our hearts would open for them to acclaim them and support them ! They also have fallen for the same reason for the Qatari reward and we find ourselves unable to listen to them anymore not even look at them .

And what to say then about religious references ? About al Qaradawi for example , a notorious Sheikh and a religious authority , the head of the Muslim Religious ‘Ulemas versed in Islam, has turned himself into a servant for prince Hamad instead of being a servant to God . He is serving money instead of religion and calls for warfare against Syria sparing Israel and protecting the Israelis!.

The World order has hired all these people and all these people work for the World Order and so many others work with them . We are indeed in the realm of cheat and deceit .The World Order has infiltrated very deep into society – at more than one level- and have used the people to serve his own schemes after turning them against their own societies !
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

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