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Daniel Mabsout, When the law of Apartheid was promulgated in South Africa the goal was to organize a state of things on the ground whereby the country gathered two inimical groups which are the occupier and the occupied who have … Continue reading

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The BDS Intrinsic Part of Oslo Agreement

Daniel Mabsout, The boycott movement draws its anti Zionist dimension from recognizing the right of the colonized to fight the colonizer. In year 2005 , 172 Palestinian organizations called for a generalized boycott of Israel in terms of protests against … Continue reading

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Colonization And Apartheid

Daniel Mabsout, Nobody knows what caused oppressed people to take their enemy to be the Apartheid system only and- consequently- to turn anti Apartheid into a goal standing by itself. Did they want to be on par with their enemy … Continue reading

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Come Join The Apartheid Show My Friend !

By Daniel Mabsout, Palestine has become an entertainment if you are not aware . The plight of the people , the suffering, the homelessness , the abuse , the violations , the massacres and the incarcerations, the shelling , the … Continue reading

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‘Transport-Apartheid’: Palestinians Only buses are ….OK!

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Is Palestinian Solidarity an Occupied Zone?

By GILAD ATZMON Once involved with Palestinian Solidarity you have to accept that Jews are special and so is their suffering; Jews are like no other people, their Holocaust is like no other genocide and anti Semitism, is the … Continue reading

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Weekly Report on Israel’s terrorism against the State of Palestine

Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (28 Febr. 06 Mar. 2013) FULL REPORT Thursday, 07 March 2013 00:00 Israeli soldiers attack two young men before arresting them in Kufor Qaddoum village near Qalqilya   … Continue reading

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Israel Mistreats Palestinian Children in Custody, UNICEF Reports

  Details Published on Wednesday, 06 March 2013 14:03    by Reuters Wednesday 6th March, United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) said in a report that Palestinian children detained by the Israel Occupation Forces are subject to widespread, systematic ill-treatment … Continue reading

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Americans protest against AIPAC conference

  Tue Mar 5, 2013 4:17PM GMT   Colin Campbell, Press TV, Washington   The American-Israel Public Affairs Committee landed in Washington over the weekend. The arrival of one of the most powerful pro-Israel lobbying groups wasn’t without its share … Continue reading

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BDS , Israel plead Apartheid

by Daniel Mabsout, The BDS and the state of Israel seem to be coordinating quite well with each other in order to promote the Apartheid state that will give Israel the legal status it needs to continue to exist as … Continue reading

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