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Comparing the beginning and the endings .. From the first summit in Cairo to Doha summit

مقارنة بين البداية والنهايات .. من قمة القاهرة الأولى إلى قمة الدوحة طلال سلمان هل وصلنا إلى القعر؟ اختفت ملامح «العدو» عن الكيان الصهيوني. صار لكل دولة ما يكفي من الأخوة ـ الأعداء. الجامعة العربية باتت في عهدة قطر بتفويض … Continue reading

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The Madness of America’s Arabs

      By: Ibrahim al-Amin Published Wednesday, March 27, 2013   Suddenly, the Arabs became men. They awoke to the fact that they possess military capabilities ready for use. But where? In an Arab land. And against whom? An … Continue reading

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Al-Jaafari.. Syria Supports Global Approach for Community Free of Using Force

Mar 18, 2013 NEW YORK, (SANA)-Syria’s permanent Envoy to the UN Bashar al-Jaafari said Syria supports the world approach towards building an international community free of using force, prevailed by principles of the UN charter based on justice, equality and … Continue reading

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The Palestinian Struggle : Many Idols And No God

The Palestinian cause is definitely at a turning point . What will happen next we don’t know . With the fall of HAMAS in the sectarian set up has fallen the last bastion of the Palestinian Resistance if bastion there … Continue reading

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On Liberation and Arab Slaves

 Comment: This article was puplished in Al-Akhbar – Arabic version. Most likely it will not appear on the English Version. No room for Pro-Syria Articles/Opinions in English Al-akhbar في مسائل التحرير وقضايا العبيد زهير أندراوس كاتب من فلسطين 48 … Continue reading

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Do you Remember the Operation of Qibya in the night of gliders?

Twenty four years ago, on 25 Nov 1987, PFLP General Command carried out a qualitative commando operation two weeks before the first intifada, and two weeks after the Arab Summit held in Amman (boycotted by Syria) between (8-11) Nov, to liquidate the … Continue reading

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Sayyed Nasrallah addressing in Hezbollah Graduation Ceremony: "We Should Write down: Powerful Israel Is Over… Forever”

  By: Marwa Haidar16-12-2012 – 17:29Graphics by alex  Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah stressed that the “powerful” Zionist entity was over, and forever, following the defeat it faced in the last offensive against Gaza.During a graduation ceremony which was … Continue reading

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Hafez al-Assad Speech on M Brothers after the events of Hama and leter to Hafez al-Assad .. From a former hater of the regime

رسالة الى حافظ الاسد.. من كاره سابق للنظام   ‏الثلاثاء‏، 22‏ أيار‏، 2012 بعد كل ما جرى .. وبعد التعرف على شعبي السوري .. وعلى مثقفيه وفئاته وحدود تفكيرها.. أقر أنا الكاره السابق للنظام.. و الهارب من الخوف والذل.. والعائد … Continue reading

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We in Gaza fine …Worried about you نحن في غزّة بخير … طمّنونا عنكم !

Gazan’s message to Arabs We are fine in GazaHow about you? We are fine under attack How about you?  Our martyrs are under the rubblesOur children now living in the tents And they ask about youWe are fine in GazaHow about you? …. … Continue reading

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What Arabs Did for Gaza? What They Did for Syria?

  Eslam al-Rihani  Tens of years during which most of the Arab countries and their summits did not provide anything to the Palestinian cause but words and speeches, while the Palestinian people was the sole victim, and most of the … Continue reading

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