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The Arab Reaction to Chavez’s Death and What it Tells Us

A Palestinian takes part with his daughter in a tribute for late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in Gaza City 7 March 2013. (Photo: Reuters – Suhaib Salem)   By: Thabit Al-Arabi Published Tuesday, March 12, 2013   Outside of Venezuela … Continue reading

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Why Hugo Chavez’s Re-Election Matters to the Arab World

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez speaks during a news conference after winning elections in Caracas 9 October 2012. (Photo: Reuters – Jorge Silva)   By: Jody McIntyre Published Wednesday, October 10, 2012   Caracas – As crowds occupied the streets of … Continue reading

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How al-Aqsa Mosque Became a Refugee from Jerusalem

     by Paul Larudee Saturday, October 6th, 2012 Once upon a time, some people wanted to destroy al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem. So the mosque asked its friends, “Will you help save al-Aqsa?” We’re over a thousand years old and need … Continue reading

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Is deceived and mistaken who thinks that normalization has failed. They go around telling us that normalization has failed in Egypt and failed in Jordan and so on . Normalization has not failed anywhere and speaking about the failure of … Continue reading

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Could’ve fooled us: "Israel is not the whore of the Middle East"

Via FLC “… Avigdor Liberman spoke out on Tuesday against Arab countries that secretly cooperate with Israel, but refuse to acknowledge a diplomatic relationship. Paraphrasing a comment by Meir Dagan, he said “Israel cannot be the whore of the Middle … Continue reading

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The Israelis cruel war against al-Quds and it’s people

By Hiyam Naour and Fadwa Nassar July 13-14, 2012 The city of al-Quds, the holy city par excellence and Palestinian capital, is suffering one of the most cruel wars in its history: the Zionist occupier destroys it’s history – it’s … Continue reading

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Fear-fuelling conspiracies – Part II

by Dr. Paul J Balles Monday, May 7th, 2012 How long does it take to be discouraged by the seemingly impossible? One year? Five? Ten (Viet Nam)…Iraq…Afghanistan)? Try 60 (Palestine)! The Israeli lobby in America can be credited with denigrating … Continue reading

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Arab World Must Reclaim The Palestinian Cause

  A Israeli police officer stands guard during clashes in the Arab east Jerusalem neighbourhood of Ras al-Amud 23/09/2011 (photo by REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun) Palestine remains at the heart of every Arab cultural and political meeting. The Palestinian cause underlines the … Continue reading

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Gingrich’s “Invented People” & A Collectivist Distortion of History

by Kevin Croke Tuesday, March 13th, 2012 Banksy Graffiti art from Occuppied Palestine Newt Gingrich’s recent comments that the Palestinians are an “invented people”, while technically correct, is nothing new to the Israel Palestine discourse. The argument has a long … Continue reading

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‘Many Arabs loved what they stood against!’

Via FLC “… Our great Arab allies — Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Morocco — all liked things the way they were. The United States — intent on ensuring that the oil flowed and that Arab … Continue reading

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