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The Palestinian Dark Tunnel And The Other Arafat

The PLO has not been created to liberate Palestine but to make peace with Israel . Otherwise how can one explain the failure in achieving anything on the ground whether liberation of the land or the return of the refugees … Continue reading

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No Peace Without Hezbollah and Hezbollah will not compromise on a grain of soil of Palestine.

“The Palestinian cause is definitely at a turning point . What will happen next we don’t know . With the fall of HAMAS in the sectarian set up has fallen the last bastion of the Palestinian Resistance if bastion there … Continue reading

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By Way of Deception

 Source Click image for pdf Source Just recently finished reading “By Way of Deception: The Making and Unmaking of a Mossad Officer”. While credibility of the book is debatable, I’m posting some of its most intriguing passages I’ve found. * … Continue reading

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Prisoners’ Intifada shames Palestine’s leaders

By Ramzy Baroud If Palestinian leaders only knew how extraneous their endless rounds of “unity” talks have become, they might cease enthusiastic declarations to world media about their meetings. At this point, few Palestinians are left with hope that their … Continue reading

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On the Palestinians Independent Decision, Yarmouk camp and Al-Akhbar Practical Route to Gaza – A comment censored by Al-akhbar

 Before yesterday I published the arabic version of the Ibrahim Al-amin article titled; الهجرة المعاكسة … الى فلسطين and yesterday I added the English version titled: A Practical Route to Palestine. Both are here.Today I tried for the first time … Continue reading

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The Palestinian … Within "Sunni" Project

 With due respect to Nahid’ anaylis. It is the Petro-dollar… follow the money trail   بهدوء | الفلسطيني… في “المشروع السنّي “ ناهض حتر بالمختصر، إن ما حدث في مخيم اليرموك الدمشقي، يدلّ على أن فصيلاً فلسطينياً واحداً فقط، ظلّ مخلصاً … Continue reading

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Is Alan Hart Running Cover For AIPAC?? By Brother Nathanael Kapner

“Is Alan Hart Running Cover For AIPAC? IS ALAN HART A JEW?… “asked Brother Nathanael Kapner, “I don’t know if he is or not but he sure sounds like one.” he answered. Like Brother Nathanael Kapner, idon’t know if Alan Hart is … Continue reading

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The Three Pillars of Wisdom .. And the fourth column .. The days of Resurrection

  أعمدة الحكمة الثلاثة.. والعمود الرابع .. وأيام القيامة ‏ بقلم: نارام سرجون‏ ‏   كلما سئم القلم وتضجر من رفقة أصابعي والتصاقها الحميم به .. زجرته الأصابع ..وأخذته الى الخدمة الالزامية على الورق وعلى حدود الأرق .. ولولا المشقة … Continue reading

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The Linkman at work: Don’t ask me how I got it

In his previous article  the “brilliant magician, based of his well known “good” name, drawn out of his sleeve, the one state solution card to obtain the Palestinian recognition by temptation and persuasion and close the so-called Palestinian file. “The … Continue reading

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To My Dear Stateless Palestinian

While searching for a suitable picture, I discovered a site and a letter written by Sameeha, a palestinian living in Gaza, uprooted from Aqeb, a Palestinian village, south of Ramlla, occupied by Israel since 1948. Gaza is the largest refugee camp … Continue reading

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