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huge brewing up, which Mrs. Clinton was not informed with, awaited her arrival” Dr. Ashraf Ezzat When president Obama visited Egypt in June 2009, and gave his famous and good for nothing speech for the Muslim world from the big … Continue reading

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Sadat’s War on Israel: A heroic or a Collusive Act

Worth reading, but keep in mind that the victory achieved in 1973 by the Egyptian Army, rebuilt by Naser, and don’t forget that Sadat, the CIA agent, poisoned Naser. May 1, 2012 “Conciliation between Cairo and Tel Aviv was not Kissinger’s … Continue reading

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The "True" Story ………

If you want the ‘true” Story Behind Damascus ‘False Flag’ Bombing Caught on Camera, Egypt NGO’s check Dr. Ashraf Izat. Mainstream Media keeps al-Qaeda Myth Alive. he wrote, consequently Al-qaeda, the CIA creation, never exisited, after liberation of Afghanistan, niether in Iraq, … Continue reading

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Mr. Gingrich, Grab a Pen, it’s Time for your History Lesson

December 15, 2011 “How did America end up in that humiliating situation, where its presidential frontrunners are but a bunch of clowns who are always willing to dance to Israel’s favorite tune?” “The Israelite history is invented and therefore the … Continue reading

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‘World breaking loose of chain of obedience’

‘World breaking loose of chain of obedience’ Wed Nov 9, 2011 2:28PM GMT   Dr. Ashraf Ezzat a columnist at Veterans Today says the world is breaking loose from the ‘chain of obedience’ that he believes is the source of … Continue reading

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Alaa Abdel Fattah: Portrait of an Egyptian Revolutionary

by Dr. Ashraf Ezzat on October 31, 2011  Alla Abdel-Fattah “When will Egypt supreme council of army forces -SCAF- understand that many revolutionaries are afraid of their tender loving mothers more than they fear death or torture,” Abdel Fattah … Continue reading

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Shalit: Israeli Soldier With Atypical Autism

Shalit “What the Nile TV channel host did not know was that she was going to interview a psychologically disturbed man with personality disorders.” Dr. Ashraf Ezzat Israel freed 1,027 Palestinian and Israeli Arab prisoners to get Shalit back. Beyond … Continue reading

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