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>Western Déjà vu: ‘Liberating Libyan’

> Posted on March 26, 2011 by rehmat1| American proxy Crusaders (Britain, France, Germany and Canada) have liberated over 1,000 Libyan civilians from their lives and pushed over 300,000 Libyans to take refuge in the neighboring Arab countries, in order to … Continue reading

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>(In private,) STATE & DoD officials: "We don’t want Libya to distract us from more important challenges in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain & Yemen…"

> Via Friday-Lunch-Club “the pattern for recent wars fought by the US – Afghanistan, Iraq – has been that in their initial phases they attract instant Congressional and popular support. The difficult questions are deferred to later. In the case … Continue reading

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>Ayman Nour Calls for Revision of Israel Peace Treaty

> Author: WebsiteTeam Network Opposition leader Ayman Nour said Sunday that “the role of the Camp David accord has ended” after the Egyptian army stressed it was committed to observing all of Egypt’s international treaties. In an interview with a … Continue reading

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