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O Little Ghetto of Bethlehem

The above video dates to 2007, showing what the ghettoization of Bethlehem looked like as of five years ago. << MORE >>   River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the … Continue reading

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Israel’s war on Christianity

Israel’s new Herods and Palestine’s Christians Editor By Jamal KanjI’m writing from Finland this week, where the omnipresence of snowflakes and festive Christmas lights heralds another year celebrating the birth of Jesus. In parallel, the descendants of the Messiah in … Continue reading

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Jewish Group: ‘Christmas is anti-Israel’

Posted on December 25, 2011 | Professor Gerald M. Steinberg (Bar Ilan University) is founder and president of Jerusalem-based ‘NGO Monitor’. It along with the Geneva-based ’UN Watch‘, Robert Bernstein’s Human Right Watch, and many other Israeli Hasbara (propaganda) platforms, … Continue reading

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Christmas 2011

Raja   the same Bethlehem , the same soldier , the same Josepha different Wall. Merry Christmas !! the first-Palestinian-liberation-hero was born among us he did not speak in Hebrew but he spoke Aramaic and he never agreed with the … Continue reading

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Christ Under Occupation: Christmas in the Holy Land

Courtesy: Eileen Fleming In Israel, the indigenous Palestinians are labeled “Israeli-Arabs” and approximately 9% are Christian. (CLERMONT, Fla.) – This weekend millions of cultural Christians throughout the world will flock into churches and sing “O Little Town of … Continue reading

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Christmas in Occupied Palestine

Wednesday, December 21, 2011 at 10:28AM Gilad Atzmon The Wandering Who-A Study of Jewish Identity Politics or River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

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One Heart; Beating for Palestine

Posted on 06/10/2011 by reham alhelsi Our lives for you, mother… our lives for you, Palestine. If you travel along Al-Jabal street, you pass by a monument, not huge and not small, on the side of the road. You can’t … Continue reading

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Palestine’s future – its students – must be set free

Free to learn… free to train… free to excel… free to plan… free to travel… free to trade… free to govern… And free at last from Israel’s reign of thuggery By Stuart Littlewood 12 September 2011 Stuart Littlewood details Israel’s … Continue reading

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A Thousand-and-one Reasons why Palestine must get independence…

Stuart Littlewood …and here’s perhaps the most important. Courtesy: (LONDON) – The following report from Bethlehem University that academic staff had been attacked yet again, this time by Israeli squatters, reminds me of how the Israelis apparently resent … Continue reading

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A letter from Palestine

Via FLC   6 September 2011Bethlehem, Palestine Dear Alumni and Friends of Bethlehem University, Generally, I am delighted to write to you with some encouraging news about happenings at Bethlehem University. Today, however, I have some disturbing and unfortunate news to … Continue reading

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