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It’s the oil, stupid

Syria’s oil wealth: The  Global and Regional Conflict on Oil and Gas        Discovery of 14 oil basins in Syrian territorial waters, .. Information revealed by Dr. Imad Fawzi Shuaibi اكتشاف 14 حوضاً نفطياً في المياه الإقليمية … Continue reading

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Mali, Algeria, Libya: the real reason Britain signed up for war on Africa

The truth behind the ‘war on terror’ is that it is part of Western powers’ imperialistic quest to secure natural resource reserves for their corporations By Patrick KaneHuff Post 14 February 2013 With the start of 2013 the ‘war on … Continue reading

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Assad to opponents … The game is over and approached the whistle

الاسد لأخصامه…انتهت اللعبة واقتربت صفارة الحكم ‏الإثنين‏، 28‏ كانون الثاني‏، 2013 أوقات الشام محمد صادق الحسيني انتهت معركة السيطرة على الطاقة وطرق تجارتها عبر ادنى الارض السورية وباتت الشبكة السورية العنكبوتية امنة بالجيواستراتيجيا ومحصنة تجاه كل اشكال التهديد او الوعيد … Continue reading

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Chavez, oil and the ‘Ketchup Revolution’

Posted on January 14, 2013 Yesterday, Argentine president Cristina Fernandez visited Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez in Havana hospital to show her respect and support for Chavez who is recovering from a cancer surgery in his pelvic region done on December … Continue reading

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Is Russia is defending Syria? Or Syria defending Russia?

    بوتين: انا مستعد لحماية سورية حتى داخل شوارع موسكو.. افهموا يا ذوي الألباب ‏الجمعة‏، 14‏ كانون الأول‏، 2012 خاص أوقات الشام المحرر السياسي تغير في الموقف الروسي.. هذا ما تحاول وسائل الاعلام ليل نهار تسويقه تارة بالاستناد الى … Continue reading

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Syria has Large Deposits of Oil Shale

By Nay Akilah – December 9, 2012 – Posted in: Sideviews Syria: Large amounts of oil shale in the region of Khanasser in the district Aleppo. The Syrian Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources reported in 2010 that there is … Continue reading

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On the Oil that Burned the Arab Spring

An anti-government protester puts up posters of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah with an “X” during a funeral procession in east of Manama 16 September 2011. (Photo: Reuters – Hamad I Mohammed) By: Tareq Aziza Published Friday, November 16, 2012   … Continue reading

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White House Covering Up Fast and Furious Program in Syria Aiding Al Qaeda

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

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Syria: NATO Sets its Sights on Gas Pipeline

It is as a geographer that Manlio Dinucci scrutinizes the war in Syria: the deployment of NATO forces, the ad hoc coalition that the Alliance put together and, especially, the strategic motive. What is really at stake in this conflict … Continue reading

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Syria, Turkey, Israel and a Greater Middle East Energy War

Despite the miscarriage of NATO’s secret military operation against Syria, withdrawal by the West stumbles on two issues. Can Washington and its allies refrain from grabbing the Syrian gas reserves? And can they leave Syria in the position of being … Continue reading

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