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Turkey awaits ‘total Syrian meltdown’ to lure Lebanon into Turkey-Israel ‘gas-cooperation-network’

FLC “…The bottom line is that Ankara can cause serious headaches for the Greek Cypriot administration at a time when it least needs it, given Turkey’s growing importance as an energy hub that major companies can ill-afford to overlook. The … Continue reading

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It’s the oil, stupid

Syria’s oil wealth: The  Global and Regional Conflict on Oil and Gas        Discovery of 14 oil basins in Syrian territorial waters, .. Information revealed by Dr. Imad Fawzi Shuaibi اكتشاف 14 حوضاً نفطياً في المياه الإقليمية … Continue reading

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Dead Broke: Cyprus turns to Russia after EU terms rejected

by deLiberation Thursday, March 21st, 2013 Russia is rumored to be talks with Cyprus to restructure their loans in return for a Russian Base and Gas Exploration rights.. This is devastating to the EU Troika. Published on Mar 20, 2013 … Continue reading

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Erdogan will drink the poison in the same cup that he wanted Assad to drink

أردوغان سيشرب السم بنفس الكأس الذي أراد أن يسقي به الأسد .. بقلم: سعيد سليمان سنا دام برس: كرّرها الناتو طويلا .. سورية ليست ليبيا وكان فعلاً يقصد ما يقول لأن سورية فعلاً ليست ليبيا . لكن في السر وتحت … Continue reading

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