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Daniel Mabsout,  The BDS campaign and company and other NGOs that endorse the BDS should not be investigated only regarding their boycott policy and its effectiveness on the ground and repercussions on the cause , but should be investigated primarily … Continue reading

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British Labor leader Miliband pledges to oppose Israel boycott

Tuesday, March 12, 2013 at 9:53AM Gilad Atzmon The Global News Service of the Jewish People reported: — Ed Miliband, the leader of Britain’s Labour Party, pledged to oppose boycotts of Israel and to protect Jewish customs, including circumcision and … Continue reading

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BDS , Boycott The Armed Struggle

by Daniel Mabsout, The birth of the Boycott movement that started the PCACBI happened at a crucial moment in year 2002 after Israel has been defeated and its vulnerability exposed due to losing the first war since its foundation. The … Continue reading

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From Tel Aviv to the Beirut Duty Free: Israeli Products Spotted at Airport

Lighters spotted in Beirut’s Airport bore the logo of James Richardson, the company that has operated the principal duty free license at Ben Gurion Airport in Israel since the 1980s. (Photo: Marwan Tahtah) By: Ayman Fadel Published Saturday, February 9, … Continue reading

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List of companies collaborating with Jewish Terror State

STOP FUNDING ISRAEL ~ (These are the companies assisting the funding of the Palestinian genocide) Posted by James Φοίνιξ on September 2, 2011 at 11:19am This blog post does not, will not, can ever endorse discrimination upon anyone for their … Continue reading

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Gaza 2012: Palestine’s Long Walk to Freedom

Haidar Eid argues that ” The only option for Palestinians is to follow the same route as the South African struggle.” consequently, no problem in Sharing Our House with Settlers, and  Equal Rights for serial killers…?! The so-called one state solution … Continue reading

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IN ANSWER TO SONS OF MALCOLMALI ABUNIMAH vs ALJAZEERA ON SUBJECT OF GAZA, PALESTINE One should not be lured by ‘Ali abu Ni’ma of the Electronic Intifada who seemed to take a radical stand on TV while arguing on … Continue reading

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UNHR Envoy: ‘UN must boycott Israel’

Posted on October 27, 2012 |  On October 25, a frustrated UN Human Rights special Rapporteur for Israel and Occupied Territories, Richard Falk (Jewish), in his latest report to the UN has urged the member nations of the UN General … Continue reading

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“The name of the game: erasing Palestine…”

 by Stuart Littlewood Thursday, October 25th, 2012 The name of the game: erasing Palestine… ~Miko Peled Around the time my article “Who does ‘Agent Cameron’ work for?” appeared last week a Jewish lady, Elizabeth Morley, wrote to Mr Cameron scolding the … Continue reading

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Canadian Church warned over Israel boycott

  Posted on July 6, 2012 Nine Canadian Senators have warned the United Church of Canada that its report calling for the boycott of goods from illegal Israeli Jewish settlements will further divide country’s Jewish and Christian communities. The nine … Continue reading

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