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Toppling Iran: the Zionists’ craziest fantasy

But who will help them act it out? by Stuart Littlewood  “We put a lot of energy with France and Germany into agreeing at the end of July strong additional European Union sanctions on Iran which will begin to bite … Continue reading

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Britamgate: Staging False Flag Attacks in Syria

On January 22 a telling leak cropped up in the Internet. British defense contractor’s BRITAM server was hacked and megabytes of classified internal files of the firm were released to the public. Now the case is acquiring a Britamgate scale … Continue reading

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Afghanistan security better before British troops arrival: Karzai

 Source   Afghan president Hamid Karzai who is currently in United Kingdom to attend a tripartite summit with Asif Ali Zardari and British prime minister David Cameron questioned the international troops fight against terrorism in Afghanistan and said security situation in southern … Continue reading

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Daniel Mabsout, The total blackout the Irish struggle has been subject to seems to have no par and maybe due to the fact that Great Britain and its allies holds the major keys to world media . Since we were … Continue reading

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As the criminal will not psychologically leave the site of the crime, so the looter will not leave the site that has been looted. What starts as mere theft of other countries resources and appropriation of other peoples’ wealth on … Continue reading

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Terrorists and ‘Terrorists’: Quotes Make the Difference

           Jan 23 2013 / 10:27 pm By Jeremy SaltThe French bombing of Islamic extremists and terrorists in Mali contrasts nicely with France’s support for Islamic extremists/terrorists in Syria. Francois Hollande says Mali had to be stopped from becoming an Islamic … Continue reading

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British troops face fresh charges of Iraq war torture and killings

Allegations to be unveiled in high court of ‘systemic’ policy of abuse from 2003 to 2008 Ed Vulliamy The Observer, Saturday 19 January 2013 22.00 GMT A still from video of a British soldier screaming abuse at hooded Iraqi detainees … Continue reading

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