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Syrian Rebels Join Chechen-led Army: No Difference between Syria and Russia

Local Editor  A commander of the so-called “Caucasus Emirate”, Abu Omar al-Chechen, has formed the so-called ‘Jaish al-Muhajireen wal Ansar,” or Army of the Emigrants and Helpers, and recruited several Syrian militants within its ranks. Abu Omar was the commander … Continue reading

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The Russian sudden maneuvers ….. The Real Reason Putin Supports Assad

The Real Reason Putin Supports Assad “…Why has Putin offered such steadfast support to Assad? On the surface, Moscow seems to profit from exporting arms to Syria, and it depends on the regime’s good will to maintain Russian access to … Continue reading

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Russia’s Envoy in Beirut: ‘A ‘compromise’ on Syria, means a ‘compromise’ in the Caucasus, means a ‘compromise’ in downtown Moscow!’

Via FLC ‘Let’s get over it over with, shall we?’ “…These appeared very soon when in the 1990s Saudi Arabia (along with a number of other countries) began to transfer money to radical Muslim organizations in Russia and other post-Soviet … Continue reading

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Chechen Fighters Join Syrian Extremist Rebels

    Local Editor No doubt the Syrian arena has turned to a field for armed men, particularly “al-Qaeda” and extremists, from all over the globe.This time, the KavkazCenter website revealed Wednesday that “the son of a late Chechen field … Continue reading

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