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Ziad Takieddine, of Hariri-Chirac fame resurfaces (again) in Qaddafi-Sarkozy shady deals!

Via FLC “… The documents make specific reference to Ziad Takieddine, a middle man in huge arms and petrol contracts between France and various Middle Eastern countries.It is claimed Takieddine went to Tripoli 11 times to supervise the transaction in … Continue reading

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Chirac: ‘Guilty; Two years in prison; loses the ‘Legion D’Honneur …’

Via FLC ‘I am not a crook’ “L’ancien président de la République Jacques Chirac a été condamné jeudi à deux ans de prison avec sursis par le tribunal correctionnel dans l’affaire des emplois fictifs de la mairie de Paris. Il … Continue reading

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Wikilleaks: Disarming Hezbollah through the Hariri tribunal

  … French diplomat, Herve Besanceau, in meetings of officials from the U.S. Embassy in Paris, with representatives from the French Foreign Ministry & the Elysee (Cable number 05PARIS6580 September 26, 2005) stressed the need for linking the UNSC Res. … Continue reading

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>"… He has difficulties walking and hearing, & sometimes has trouble with his memory…"

> Via Friday-Lunch-Club   “…  Chirac could finally appear in the dock this week in a historic corruption trial in the same courtroom which saw Marie-Antoinette sentenced to the guillotine. … Chirac is accused of masterminding a scheme in which cronies who worked … Continue reading

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>Author of ’’Dans le Secret Des Presidents’’ Confirms Chirac Knew Details of Investigation in Hariri’s Assassination

> Local Editor Day after day, fact about conspiracies planned against Lebanon are being revealed, and the content of the French book entitles, Dans le Secret des Presidents, which means, In the Presidents’ Secret, proves the schemes, especially those planned … Continue reading

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