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Al-Zawahri calls on Muslims to kidnap Westerners

Published Saturday, October 27, 2012   Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri has called on Muslims to kidnap Westerners, join Syria’s rebellion and to ensure Egypt implements sharia, SITE Monitoring reported on Saturday, citing a two-part film posted on Islamist websites. … Continue reading

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Anti-Islam film: the Coptic Brotherhood

“I like to call this new generation of Egypt’s Christians ‘the Coptic Brotherhood’ … for they adopt the same policy & tactics of the Muslim Brotherhood.” Dr. Ashraf Ezzat The Coptic community’s fears of discrimination grow as the Islamists rise … Continue reading

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Blasphemy as a tactic

by Thierry Meyssan The dissemination of a video clip from the film “The Innocence of Muslims,” depicting an offensive image of Islam, has sparked a wave of anger in the Arab world. For Thierry Meyssan, things are more complex than … Continue reading

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Sayyed Nasrallah Urges Muslim Nation to Protest over Offensive Film

Local Editor Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah noted that the few minutes which showed the offensive film against the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) confirmed the insulting of the Prophet, the Holy Qoran and the Islam as a religion, stressing that … Continue reading

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The Mohammad film, directed and produced by a bunch of Israel-loving Zionists aiming to inflame the sectarian tension in Egypt

Updated On the eleventh anniversary of 9/11, the American ambassador to Libya got killed; the Benghazi consulate set ablaze and moreover, the Al-Qaeda flag waved over the premises of the US embassy in Cairo as thousands of Muslims were outraged … Continue reading

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Cooperation It was a: full-fledged military attack, long in the planning (no spontaneous demonstration, although the demonstration helped disguise the attack, and perhaps fooled the Americans into underestimating the situation), by a paramilitary group associated with the government just installed … Continue reading

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huge brewing up, which Mrs. Clinton was not informed with, awaited her arrival” Dr. Ashraf Ezzat When president Obama visited Egypt in June 2009, and gave his famous and good for nothing speech for the Muslim world from the big … Continue reading

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