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The Anonymous Electronic Spring

  We are supposed to have learned our lesson by now and not to rejoice over things that we do not fully understand or with which we cannot cope directly and fully for lack of adequate means or because the … Continue reading

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Israel’s "Red" Night: “The Largest Internet Battle in Mankind History”

Local Editor   Hackers vowing to wipe Israel off the map of the Internet had staged dozens of cyberattacks on Israeli sites on Saturday night. The campaign by hackers around the world, has so far vandalized dozens of Israeli sites … Continue reading

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Anonymous launches massive cyber assault on Israel

Published time: April 06, 2013 20:18 Edited time: April 07, 2013 02:55     Hacktivist group Anonymous has launched a second massive cyber attack against Israel, dubbed #OpIsrael. The collective threatens to “disrupt and erase Israel from cyberspace” in protest … Continue reading

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Zionist Spy Agency Website Hacked by Anonymous

Local Editor The Anonymous hacking group has claimed that it hacked into the website of the Zionist Mossad spy agency, gaining access to top-secret documents, Mehr news agency reported. The Internet hacking group said on its twitter page that it … Continue reading

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Posted on March 18, 2013 by Libya 360° Human Rights Watch Official Website & Twitter Accounts Hacked by Syrian Electronic Army A Better People – Shedding light on Human Rights, Government, and Politics Via Wrong Kind of Green The hackers … Continue reading

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Anonymous Plots to "Erase Israel from the Internet"

Local Editor  Hacktivist group Anonymous, along with numerous other hackers, is planning a massive cyber-attack on the Zionist entity, threatening to “erase” the country from Internet. The entity of occupation is apparently taking the threats seriously, with defensive preparations underway. … Continue reading

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USA To Award Medals For Killing Civilians by remote control

Pentagon creates new medal for cyber, drone wars WASHINGTON (AP) — They fight the war from computer consoles and video screens. But the troops who launch the drone strikes and direct the cyberattacks that can kill or disable an enemy … Continue reading

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Hacked Emails Reveal Plan to Stage Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria

by deLiberation Monday, January 28th, 2013 Since we entered the cyber-information age it has become increasingly difficult for those with a hidden agenda to conceal their machinations. There was the damning BICOM email that highlighted perfectly just how far-reaching the … Continue reading

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Iran Warns of State-Sponsored Cyber Attacks

Local Editor  Iranian authorities said Friday that their computer systems are being targeted extensively, and although assaults are waged at the Iranian computer infrastructure are nothing new, the coinciding attacks suggest a cyber-war could indeed be heating up between American … Continue reading

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Eye on the Enemy: Meridor, Iran-Syria-Hizbullah Axis Must be Broken

Local Editor Mofaz: West Must Strongly Interfere in SyriaArmy Radio Deputy Prime Minister, Shaul Mofaz said that the cyber war launched against Iran by many countries is a justified war, “I think it is a positive thing to let the … Continue reading

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