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Israel’s repression of its Palestinian citizens unites us in struggle

Ameer Makhoul, The Electronic Intifada, 6 May 2010 Israel is increasingly oppressing Palestinian leaders in Israel, like Member of Knesset Mohammed Barakeh, pictured here at a Land Day demonstration in Hebron, March 2009. (Mamoun Wazwaz/MaanImages) Ameer Makhoul, director of Ittijah … Continue reading

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CORRIGAN: Israel and Apartheid: Is it a fair comparison?

Via A4PMarch 8, 2010by Edward C Corrigan  –  Dissident Voice –  1 March 2010There is a controversy raging in North America over Israeli Apartheid Week (March 1-7 2010).1 A resolution was passed in the Ontario Provincial Parliament which was unanimously … Continue reading

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Shot after photographing the Gaza sea

Link Eva Bartlett writing from the occupied Gaza Strip, Live from Palestine, 28 October 2009 Ashraf Abu Suleiman (Eva Bartlett) On 4 October, Ashraf Abu Suleiman, a 16-year-old from Gaza’s Jabaliya refugee camp, went to the northwest coast town of … Continue reading

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Every family has a story, here are some of them

Eva Bartlett writing from the occupied Gaza Strip, Live from Palestine, 30 January 2009 One family’s story Destruction in Izbet Abed Rabu. There are many stories. Each account — each murdered individual, each wounded person, each burned-out and broken house, … Continue reading

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yousef shrater

January 29, 2009, 7:17 pm Remarkably, the staircase in Yousef Shrater’s bombed and burned house is still intact, as are the 14 people that make up the 3 families who were living in the house. Shrater, a father of four, … Continue reading

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