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Divide to Rule: "Arab Spring" between Secularism and sectarianism.

“There is no compulsion in religion,” – Holy Qur’an Though, I hate Angry Arab’s anti-Islam and anti-“Anti-Semites”  sentiments, I respect him because Palestine is his measuring stick, and in the final analysis he knows who is the ENEMY. He is much better … Continue reading

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>JAMES WALL : US Vetoes Anti-Settlement Resolution

> Israeli Settlement building continues… AP/PHOTO Via MCS – 20. Feb, 2011 Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office said in a statement, “Israel deeply appreciates the decision by President Obama to veto the Security Council Resolution” By James M. Wall / … Continue reading

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>Egypt: Reduxing the past .

> Egypt’s contemporary history  is full of popular revolts that united political spectrums  in the face of oppression. Abdullah Al-Arian (Abdullah Al-Arian is a doctoral candidate in the department of history at Georgetown University.) Whether marching through the streets of … Continue reading

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