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>Lebanon: Najib Miqati sprints to the premiership as he ‘promises’ to decorticate the Tribunal ….

> if (window[‘tickAboveFold’]) {window[‘tickAboveFold’](document.getElementById(“latency-8775556395351499798”)); } Comment: Yesterday night, after listening to Nasralla speech, a friend stormed his brain to Guess who would be the opposition candidate after Karami declined the opposition request. He named Mostafa Said, and Abdulrahim Murad…. I … Continue reading

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>Of scorpions, settlers, soldiers, and springs‏

> Of scorpions, settlers, soldiers, and springs Dr. Mazin Qumsiyeh reports on a field visit to an area heavily impacted by the occupation in the Jordan valley We spent two days in the Auja area north of Jericho on a … Continue reading

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Cleaning Up

kenny’s sideshow Mayor Karl Dean of Nashville said the cost of damages from the weekend of record flooding will likely exceed $1 billion. Nashville  drying out and cleaning up photos. BP oil spill cost for the Deepwater Horizon clean-up could … Continue reading

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Picking pebbles to survive in Gaza

Picking pebbles to survive in Gaza Eva Bartlett, The Electronic Intifada, 3 March 2010 GAZA CITY, occupied Gaza Strip (IPS) – They come by the hundreds every day to sand dunes and rubble sites to sift for pebbles, stones and … Continue reading

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Link The moment sycophant Harper was again in a ruling position, the hapless creature has followed the NWO party lines. About 9 years ago I saw him with the Compte de Rothschild and KNEW he would win the next election … Continue reading

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Haniyyeh: Gaza Just a Step toward Liberation of All Palestine

Haniyyeh: Gaza Just a Step toward Liberation of All Palestine 14/12/2009 Tens of thousands of Hamas supporters gathered at a central square in Gaza City to mark the 22nd anniversary of the Islamic resistance organization’s establishment. “Those that plotted Operation … Continue reading

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You shall not read this at Mullistine site. Tony found its safer to avoid Khalid Amayreh, and highlight Islamic “Liberation Party”  slaming P.A For Sponsoring Nudity in the West Bank. Innocent Tony did nothing he just added a photto of Decent Miss … Continue reading

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Gilad Atzmon introducing Ziauddin Sardar – The Erasure of Islam

Gilad on July 31st, 2009 at 13:49: @uprooted palestinian – We are on the same page, the next Q is how to bring others to read that very page.. Sukran a million for the reference on your site… Reply – … Continue reading

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