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So called ‘Underwear bomber’ was working for the CIA

Bomber involved in plot to attack US-bound jet was working as an informer with Saudi intelligence and the CIA, it has emerged Wednesday 9 May 2012           ‘Underwear bomber’ involved in a plot to attack jet was in fact working … Continue reading

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Bulgaria Attack: An Israeli False Flag Operation?

In July 2012, only two hours after the attack in Burgas took place and no investigation had started yet, the Israeli government blamed Iran and Hezbollah for it.  Yusuf Fernandez Hezbollah has rejected a Bulgarian investigation that blamed “its military … Continue reading

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Posted on January 29, 2013 by Alexandra Valiente   Tony Cartalucci Unconfirmed “leaked” documents indicate Washington-approved, Qatari-funded false flag attack using Libyan chemical weapons in Homs, Syria. Documents allegedly “hacked” belonging to UK-based defense contractor Britam (official website here) appear … Continue reading

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Provocation against Russia/False Flags in the Making for Syria

by Ariadna Theokopoulos Friday, January 11th, 2013 From Voice of RussiaProvocation against Russia Being Prepared in Syriaby Alexei Lyakhov, Konstantin GaribovIn separate interviews with the Voice of Russia broadcast on Thursday, a host of experts mentioned a new round of … Continue reading

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Another False Flag in the Making!

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Syria: Tunisian Ex-Jihadist in an interview on Delta TV

By Nay Akilah – December 20, 2012 – Posted in: Sideviews Tunisian man explains why he has left Syria after joining the “jihad”. There is a new report by a Tunisian TV station “National TV 1” about a 29-yer old … Continue reading

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Conflict of Interest and the Obliteration of Concept of Liberation

By Nahida – Exiled Palestinian “We must use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation and the cutting of all social services to rid the Galilee of its Arab population“. ~~ [41] The Koenig Report “We have to kill all the Palestinians … Continue reading

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Canada: Jewish minister’s anti-Iran mail campaign

Posted on November 18, 2012 | In September 2012, Stephen Harper’s government expelled Iranian consulate staff and closed its embassy in Tehran. Harper was congratulated by the Zionist prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and honored as “world statesman” by an American … Continue reading

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Birth of Terrorism & False-Flag

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A comment by Nahida Izzat on ICH

Saturday, November 10, 2012 at 2:03PM Gilad Atzmon Through many years of work with Palestine solidarity, I came to realize that the movement is heavily infiltrated by Jewish (Zionist and anti-Zionist) activists*, thus affecting at core level the path, … Continue reading

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