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How Damascene Jews Hope to Return… to Normalcy

 Franklin Lamb Al-manar Bab Touma Jewish Quarter, Damascus— Growing up in the small town of Milwaukie, Oregon and until after graduating from high school, I never knew or knowingly met a Jew. Not until my first post-high school job as … Continue reading

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Anti-Iran Sanctions (No. 7) Franklin Lamb: International Law Is Overwhelmingly on the Side of Iran Friday, March 29, 2013

Iran Review Exclusive Interview with Franklin Lamb By: Kourosh ZiabariIt’s less than 10 days that the Iranian New Year has started. People across the country are celebrating the arrival of spring and the commencement of New Year. The past year has … Continue reading

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When Yarmouk Camp Fled to Shatila

  Franklin Lamb  Yarmouk Palestinian Camp, Damascus History is nothing if not interesting. And that it most definitely is.Today, Palestinian refugees are being severely punished in Lebanon and deprived of their most elementary civil right to work or to even … Continue reading

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Has the Arab League Mortally Wounded Itself by Declaring War on Syria?

Franklin LambAl-manarGraphics By alex The Arab League in Cairo in 1957, after the Suez Crisis. From the left: Syrian President Shukri al-Quwatli, King Husayn of Jordan, King Abdul-Aziz of Saudi Arabia, and Gamal Abdel Nasser, the Egyptian President. The League … Continue reading

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Who’s playing with the Imam Sadr case and why?

Is Kuwait trying to scapegoat the Palestinians? Franklin Lamb Graphics by Alex Beirut — The Imam Musa Sadr, Sheik Mohammad Yaacoub, and journalist Abbas Badreddine case, like the Tell Tale Heart in Edgar Allen’s Poe novel, will not stop crying … Continue reading

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A Zionist Friendly, Right-wing Texan Islamist to Lead Syria?

Franklin Lamb Al-Manar A draft-dodging, Zionist friendly, right-wingTexan Islamist to lead Syria? Could the White House have dreamt formore?Damascus For the past year, a plan C or D, depending on how one numbers the failed “sure-fire” US-Israel projects in Syria … Continue reading

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Damascus University Resists US Civilian Targeting Sanctions

 Franklin Lamb   DamascusGraphics by Alex  Students everywhere are special people and this observer has discovered that Syrian students are among the very best.   Meeting and interviewing students again this past week, before and following, a frank and … Continue reading

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The Oft-Predicted Fickle Syrian ‘Tipping Point’ Has Tipped

 Obama Calls for Syrian President Assad to Go    President Obama Confident ‘Assad’s Days are Numbered‘ | Watch … Oct 23, 2012   The Oft-Predicted Fickle Syrian ‘Tipping Point’ Has Tipped   by FRANKLIN LAMBDamuscusGraphics by Alex  Al-MamarDamascus … Continue reading

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Israel instructs Obama: “Iranian and Syrian Sanctions are Not Painful Enough!”

….impose an international blockade now! Franklin LambBeirutAl-manarGraphics by Alex On 3/26/2013 Iran is expected to meet with other world powers in Astana, Kazakhstan to discuss its nuclear program. Discussions that the occupiers of Palestine fervently hope will not be successful. It … Continue reading

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Will Washington grasp the hand being offered by the Iranian people?

Will Washington grasp the hand being offered by the Iranian people?Franklin Lamb Tehran Truth be told, this American observer has attended his share of international conferences and has traveled in more than 70 countries. But never has he visited such … Continue reading

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