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Volunteers Versus Hired Thugs

Daniel Mabsout, As we move from chapter to chapter the Syrian story seems to challenge all expectations . No one thought the Syrian army would hold together and keep resisting . All predictions said that the Syrian army will collapse … Continue reading

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In Syria, the US will "not get what it wishes for not what it pays for"

FLC “…It is not surprising Syrian infighting is occurring, as there have been signs of it brewing for months. More confusing would be trying to marginalize large swathes of rebel forces while simultaneously stepping up arms provisions, and expecting unity, … Continue reading

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Hamas military wing training FSA in eastern Damascus.

A Gun for Rent: After Libya, Hamas “Jihad” in Syria continues الجناح العسكري لحماس يدرب مقاتلي الحر بالقرب من دمشق ارفع سكينك يا مشعلْ It’s surrender stupid إنه الاستسلام يا غبي Nicholas Blanford Beirut Last updated at 12:01AM, April 5 … Continue reading

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More than a year for his crime: Damascus University Criminal Ammar Baloch appears in the documentary and exposes Al-Arabiya, Al-Jazeera, and Wahhabi revolution

RECRUIT OR KILL: WAHHABIS IN SYRIA TARGET UNIVERSITY STUDENTS Posted on April 4, 2013 by Libya 360°   Eretz Zen   Published on 4 Apr 2013 After the horrendous attack on Aleppo University earlier this year by the “Free Syrian … Continue reading

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Sudden Syrian military warning for Jordan: You got 14 days to clean up your borders from strangers and terrorists, otherwise…

إنذار عسكري سوري مفاجئ للأردن : أمامكم 14 يوماً لتنظيف حدودكم من الغرباء والإرهابيين وإلا سنضربكم دون أنذار!! دام برس: عبر مسؤول عربي رفيع المستوى في إتصال هاتفي مع موقع “أخبار بلدنا” الأردني وحسب تقرير الموقع عن دهشة عواصم عربية … Continue reading

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In defiance of her kidnappers the Ukrainian journalist returning to Syria

  In defiance of her kidnappers the Ukrainian journalist returning to Syria   By documents … Qatar has blackmailed Ukraine for the journalist Anhar   Section: Leaks Ramy Mansour March 13, 2013   These documents, which will be published today, would … Continue reading

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Netanyahu’s Road to Damascus

Netanyahu’s Road to Damascus by Roy Tov Tuesday, March 26th, 2013 as he journeyed, he came near Damascus: and suddenly there shined round about him a light from heaven—Acts 9:3 On Friday, March 22, 2013, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu called … Continue reading

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Syrian rebel dies during treatment in Israeli hospital

Israeli Hospitals Treat Syria Militants   Local Editor  It has been clear that the Zionist entity is offering support for armed groups fighting the Syrian government, with reports revealed on Wednesday inform that the enemy’s hospitals have been treating Syria … Continue reading

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McClatchy’s: "Islamists, secular rebels battle each other"

Via FLC  بالفيديو: رياض الأسعد مبتورالقدم ويصرخ.. بدي موت “… TAL ABYAD, Syria — Two Syrian rebel groups – one seeking an elected civil government, the other favoring the establishment of a religious state – are battling each other … Continue reading

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Posted on March 26, 2013 by Libya 360° Terrorists launch mortar shells on al-Baramkeh, one of them fall near SANA, Four Workers Martyred Mar 26, 2013 DAMASCUS, (SANA) – A child was martyred and several other students were injured after … Continue reading

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