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>Obama intimidated by Mubarak?

> Obama intimidated by Mubarak? “…Egypt’s elections, they said, are “worrying”; they “give cause for concern.” Officials were “dismayed” by “reports of election day interference and intimidation by security forces.” But “the United States has a long-standing partnership” with the … Continue reading

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>Muslim Brotherhood, Wafd Party Quit “Rigged” Election

>How come the Muslim Brotherhood, who won 20 percent of seats at the last election in 2005 may fail to secure a single one in last Sunday’s ballot??Unless the secular opposition and Muslim Brotherhood reach some commom grounds, there is no … Continue reading

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>U.S is responsible for Egypt ‘s election joke

> [ 01/12/2010 – 12:12 AM ] By Khalid Amayreh There is no doubt that the United States is at least morally responsible for the scandalous election joke which took place in Egypt on 28 November. The brazen falsification of … Continue reading

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>’Vote rigging’ mars Egypt election

>Low turnout, isolated protests, clashes and claims of vote rigging mark opening of country’s parliamentary election. Slow voting, isolated protests, clashes and claims of vote rigging have marked Egypt’s parliamentary election, which is expected to strengthen the ruling National Democratic Party’s (NDP) grip on power … Continue reading

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>Al-Ahram newspaper defends doctored photo of Hosni Mubarak

> Altered image in state-run paper shows Egyptian president in lead role at Middle East peace talks, Friday 17 September 2010 18.49 BST Al-Ahram’s doctored image of Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak and other leaders at the Middle East peace … Continue reading

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>Stupid Egyptian photoshop …

> Via Friday-Lunch-Club Al Ahram Reality Posted by G, Z, or B at 2:35 PM River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

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Veterans Today June 14, 2010 posted by Gordon Duff ·  ISRAELI ACTOR WITH METAL BAR WALKING THROUGH SOLID STEEL DID ISRAEL GIVE US THE DISEASE TO SELL US THE CURE? By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor “Would you go to … Continue reading

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Independent journalists dismantling Israel’s hold on media narrative

Abraham Greenhouse, Nora Barrows-Friedman, The Electronic Intifada, 15 June 2010 Israeli naval ships trailing the Mavi Marmara. (Cultures of Resistance) “The systematic attempt and very deliberate first priority for the Israeli soldiers as they came on the ships was to … Continue reading

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More Kosher crap exposed… a must watch new video

Monday, June 14, 2010 at 12:54PM Gilad Atzmon A complete deconstruction of Israeli forgery….I wonder whether in Israel they  remember what truth stands for.. River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

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