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Obama and Palestine’s Forgotten Past

Mugs with pictures of U.S. President Barack Obama wearing a keffiyeh, displayed in a souvenir shop in Gaza City, on 9 November 2010. (Photo: AP -Adel Hana)   By: Keith W. Whitelam Published Monday, April 1, 2013   In George … Continue reading

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Rabbi Says Ben Gurion Infidel, Herzl Homosexual

Local Editor The Zionist Rabbi Amnon Yitzhak accused former Zionist Prime Minister Ben Gurion and of infidelity and the founder of the Zionist movement Theodore Herzl of homosexuality, revealing the depth of the cultural crisis which he believed “is threatening … Continue reading

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Iran confronts Israel at Red Sea

Posted on December 15, 2012 | On December 11, the United Press International (UPI), owned by the Unification Church, published an anti-Sudan-Iran propaganda news item, titled ‘Israel, Iran vie for control of Red Sea’.“The Red Sea, a key shipping route, … Continue reading

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Operation Security Roof*

 By Gilad Atzmon Following the IDF difficulties in defeating Hamas’s ballistic warfare, the Israeli Government is now searching for contractors with some advanced experience in large scale reinforced concrete constructions. The mission ahead is the building of a solid concrete … Continue reading

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What is Zionism?

by Lasse Wilhelmson Thursday, August 16th, 2012 – its history and role over the past 150 years Mount Zion, Jerusalem Moses Hess Zionism is, according to its own prominent figures, a religious/political movement the aim of which is to create … Continue reading

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Let’s be Fair

Let’s be Fair by Francis Clark-Lowes My heart sinks when I hear that phrase, ‘let’s be fair.’ ‘Let’s be fair, George Bush had no alternative but to smash Afghanistan and Iraq.’ ‘Let’s be fair, what would you have done faced … Continue reading

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The Wandering Herzl

The Wandering Herzl Friday, December 23, 2011 at 1:49PM Gilad Atzmon   Herzl on Jewishness and Jewish Identity Politics Gilad Atzmon’s New Book: The Wandering Who? A Study Of Jewish Identity Politics is available on or River to … Continue reading

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Red Scribblings: Political Islam and ‘Jewish identity politics’ – a comparison

Monday, November 28, 2011 at 3:48AM Gilad Atzmon Gilad Atzmon: The following lengthy article by Red Scribblings proves that the issues raised by The Wandering Who are at the centre of today’s philosophical and ideological thinking. It is no secret … Continue reading

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Israelis Mock Palestinian Bid for Statehood (Video)

“Nowadays, Israelis are exhibiting the symptoms of a mass paranoia syndrome” Dr. Ashraf Ezzat The Israeli syndrome. A lot have been written about the Palestinian bid for statehood lately. The whole world watched the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, as he … Continue reading

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Prominent ’Israeli’ Seeks Despicable Nazi Remedy for Palestinians

— By F. Michael MaloofA Zionist commentator for the “Israeli” newspaper Haaretz has invoked the ominous specter of the Nazi past by calling on the “Israeli” government to undertake a “Lebensraum“ policy of expanding the “living space” of the Zionist … Continue reading

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