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Jewish Groups Take Sides in Honduran Strife

Link By Matthew E. BergerThe Jewish Daily ForwardPublished September 23, 2009, issue of October 02, 2009. Washington — The recent return of Honduras’s ousted and expelled president to his country is not an issue in which the Jewish stakes are … Continue reading

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Obama’s Rollback Strategy: Honduras, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan

Link By James PetrasJuly 9, 2009 The recent events in Honduras and Iran, which pit democratically elected regimes against pro-US military and civilian actors intent on overthrowing them can best be understood as part of a larger White House strategy … Continue reading

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Hypocrizy is not punishable…..

Link The President and his friends…..Liberation is coming !!!! When the legally elected and undisputed President of Honduraswanted to establish a constitutionally- legal referendumregarding his legal wish to be reelected …….. He was arrested , molested and send away , … Continue reading

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The Counter-Revolution Will Not be Tweeted

Link Hugo Chavez, right, President Manuel Zelaya, center, amd President Raul Castro at the end of the Central American Integration System, or SICA, summit in Managua, Monday, June 29, 2009. (AP Photo/Miguel Alvarez) In his recent article in CounterPunch, George … Continue reading

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‘Coup’ in Honduras; Chavez Blames US for Involvement

‘Coup’ in Honduras; Chavez Blames US for Involvement Al – Manar28/06/2009 Honduran President Manuel Zelaya, who was arrested by soldiers earlier on Sunday, is in Costa Rica and has asked for asylum, CNN’s Spanish-language channel reported, citing the Costa Rican … Continue reading

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