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Gilad Atzmon Who?

Thursday, April 11, 2013 at 4:17PM Gilad Atzmon   A few words by GA: This is one of the most interesting articless on my work as a musician/writer and a public person. I spent two fascinating days with Ariadna in … Continue reading

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I’m an Israeli Soldier (must watch)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013 at 12:06PM Gilad Atzmon   Israel popular culture provides us with a perfect insight into Israeli collective morbidity. This is what Israeli consume culturally, this is how they interpret the meaning of their Jewish identity. This … Continue reading

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Double Standards for Prisoners Vanished In "Israel"

Secret Prisoners of “Israel’s” Past   By: Yahya DboukAl-Akhbar daily, February 15, 2013 The case of Ben Zygier, known as “Prisoner X,” has opened the door to questions about the possibility of “Israel” secretly detaining other prisoners and abductees. Zygier, … Continue reading

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Exorcism / When Peoples Recover Dignity

By Daniel Mabsout, We have been cheated for so long and we have contributed to the plight that has been inflicted on us . We have glorified our enemies and turned them into gods and idols, we have turned them … Continue reading

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‘US hates Iran, because…..’

Posted on December 17, 2012 | Islamic Republic of Iran is among the very few world nations (Cuba and Venezuela being the two others) which have broken the chains of the western Zionist bankers’ imperialism. That’s the major reason the … Continue reading

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Jordan Leads Meetings between Syrian Rebels and US, Zionist Intel. Officers

Local Editor 13-11-2012 The American newspaper Wall Street Journal revealed Sunday that Jordan organizes meetings between officers of the American and the Zionist intelligence services with Syrian soldiers who defected and fled to Jordan. “The Jordanian intelligence services organized for … Continue reading

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Flooding Syria with Foreign Arms: A View from Damascus

Franklin LambDamacus Al-Manar Across Syria these days, one is able to examine massive evidence that this ancient civilization, the historic bastion of nationalist Arabism and since the 1948 Nabka, an essential pillar of the growing culture of Resistance to the … Continue reading

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Omar Khadr returns home in chains

Posted on September 30, 2012 |   Yesterday, Toronto-born child soldier, Omar Khadr, who spent ten years at Guantánamo Bay concentration camp, returned home in chains. He is being kept in maximum security facility at Canadian military base in Trenton, … Continue reading

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Palestinians Sticking to Identity, Despite Israeli Bids to Wipe It out

Marwa Haidar “I’m from Um Khaled in Palestine,” said Abu Ahmad, 70, insisting on the Arabic name of his village. “But it has another name now that I don’t know…. Even I don’t want to know this fake name,” added … Continue reading

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The Palestinians? Hell, they’re an ‘Invented’ People!

Via FLC ‘An Illusion!’ “Does Newt Gingrich believe in a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? Democratic and Republican administrations have adopted that framework, but Mr. Gingrich raised the possibility he might break with it, calling Palestinians an “invented” people … Continue reading

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