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Israel Favors Qaeda over Assad: Regime will not Fall Soon

Local Editor  Israel ruled out on Tuesday that the Syrian regime would fall anytime soon, pointing out that Israel did not favor Bashar Al-Assad over Al-Qaeda, as the first formed an “axis of extreme evilness”. Speaking to Yedioth Ahronoth, Head … Continue reading

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The long history of lies about iran

by Muhammad Sahimi If the lies about Iraq taught us anything, it is that we must pay attention to the massive campaign of lies about Iran There was a flood of articles and analyses on the tenth anniversary of invasion of … Continue reading

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US pursues path of madness over Iran fantasy weapons

The USA’s “problem” with Iran has in reality nothing to do with nukes, real or imagined, rather it’s entirely down to desperation in trying to protect the hegemony of the US Dollar being used for oil trades. The USA’s survival … Continue reading

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It’s the oil, stupid

Syria’s oil wealth: The  Global and Regional Conflict on Oil and Gas        Discovery of 14 oil basins in Syrian territorial waters, .. Information revealed by Dr. Imad Fawzi Shuaibi اكتشاف 14 حوضاً نفطياً في المياه الإقليمية … Continue reading

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بدعة الدوحة والبطاقة الحمراء

 بقلم محمد صادق الحسيني لم تفاجئني كلمة معاذ الخطيب في الدوحة وهو يطالب بحماس منقطع النظير بضرورة تدخل الناتو بشؤون بلاده وهي المؤسسة الرديفة لمفهوم “دار الكفر” وولاية الكفار على المسلمين في اعراف من يفترض ان الخطيب ينتمي اليهم حسب … Continue reading

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Burning out Another Room in the Arab House

         Mar 27 2013 / 9:12 pm By Jeremy Salt – Ankara In the ugly panorama that is the contemporary Middle East a light hardly flickers on the horizon. Iraq has been destroyed as a unitary Arab state and … Continue reading

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The absent Man from the summit was the Summit

العقل المحنط وربيع العنكبوت .. الضجيج والصمت المريب    الرجل الغائب عن القمة كان هو القمة .. اجتمعت كل هذه الدول وكل هؤلاء القبضايات العرب من أجل رجل واحد .. فليس في قرارات القمة وشكلياتها وبيانها اي فرق منذ 60 … Continue reading

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Delivering AL Syria’s seat to SNC hammered the final nail in the Arab League’s coffin

In a sever violation to Article 8 of the Charter of the Arab League, the Arab League summit in Doha has granted Syria to the so-called SNC, and given the green light on Tuesday to its members to send arms to the … Continue reading

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Will Obama succeed in the quest to save the aggression on Syria …..?

اوباما في جولة السعي لانقاذ العدوان على سورية …..هل ينجح ؟…   بقلم العميد أمين حطيط يبدو ان الغرب بالقيادة الاميركية لم يستطع حتى الان ان يبتلع اخفاقه في الهجوم العدواني على سورية رغم مضي سنتين على الحرب التي نفذت … Continue reading

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USA – Jewish terror state Drive to War Against Iran

76 Senate WarmongersOn February 28, 2013, Sen. Lindsey Graham introduced Senate Resolution 65, which is currently referred to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, where I hope it dies. If it passes, it becomes an important step on the road to … Continue reading

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