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Israeli Media Assess Hezbollah’s Arms

  By: Yahya Dbouk Published Friday, April 5, 2013         Recent Israeli reports have placed remarkable – and repeated – emphasis on Hezbollah’s military capabilities and its unprecedented potential for inflicting harm on Israel in the event … Continue reading

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“Hezbollah Will Shake Ground If a War Breaks Out” – Iron Dome Cannot Protect Civilians: Zionist Commander

  Local Editor  Yahya Dbouq – Al-Akhbar Head of Technological and Logistics Directorate in the Zionist Army, Major General Kobi Barak, stated on Monday that “the ground will shake in Israel by Hezbollah’s missiles if a war breaks out on … Continue reading

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Gilad Atzmon on the End of Israeli militarism on Afshin Rattansi’s TV Christmas Special

Sunday, December 23, 2012 at 10:56PM Gilad Atzmon    

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Western state terrorism loses crucial battle in Gaza

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton deliver joint statements in Jerusalem (al-Quds) on November 20, 2012. Fri Nov 23, 2012 2:21PM By Finian Cunningham   A crucial battle has been won – for now. … Continue reading

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Iron Dome Missile Almost Caused Disaster for Isrealis

Local Editor A Zionist Iron Dome missile that was specified for obstructing the Palestinian rockets, almost killed and injured a number of Zionist after it lost track and fell close to tens of cars with Zionists inside them.   Paltoday … Continue reading

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Fajir 5 the Beginning, No Place for Current Truce

Zeinab Essa Not long ago, the current “Israeli” President Shimon Perez (Rabin) hoped that the sea swallows Gaza and its people. But once again the besieged strip proves to be the graveyard of “Israeli” soldiers and hopes. 4 years on … Continue reading

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No iron dome we cannot pierce: Top Iran commander

A senior Iranian commander says that there is no “iron dome” in the world which we cannot pierce. “There is no iron dome in the world that we cannot pierce. What is said about this dome (Israel’s Iron Dome) is … Continue reading

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Tehran: Iron Dome Fragile

  Yeha Dbouk – al-Akhbar Daily* Two days after a drone infiltrated the airspace of occupied Palestine, the “Israeli” military deployed an antimissile, antiaircraft “Patriot” battery in al-Karmel (Carmel City) north of occupied Palestine. Sources of the “Israeli” military refused … Continue reading

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Unidentified Drone Shatters Israel’s Dome and "Readiness" for war

 Update:   Sayyed Nasrallah to Talk about Surveillance Aircraft over Occupied Palestine Tomorow Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah will speak Thursday 20:30 pm (17:30 GMT) on Al-Manar TV, and will tackle in his statement the latest developments, as well … Continue reading

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Eye on the Enemy: ’’Israel’’ to Build a Separation Wall on Lebanese Borders

“Israel” to Build a Separation Wall on Lebanese Borders Channel 10 How many walls will secure the Zionist occupation of Palestine?Picture by Michael J. Tottens from the lebanese sideHere’s how crazy the border is. The town in the foreground, Metulla, … Continue reading

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