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    …….And the winner is!!! Comment by Gilad Atzmon: One may wonder what brings a Palestinian activist to compose such a twit? Does Ali Abunimah really care about Judaism and its reputation? And why does he believe that Zionism conspires … Continue reading

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Adel Samara: .What is wrong with Atzmon calling Zionism as the Jewish version of Nazism?

A few days ago someone asked me about Gilad Atzmon and non-Zionist Jews in general. Although the question of non-Zionist Jews is a complicated one, however, one might offer some points to differentiate a Zionist from a non-Zionist. These points … Continue reading

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Counter Ouch

Friday, February 1, 2013 at 1:11PM Gilad Atzmon Today Counterpunch and Redressonline published this incredible analysis by Blake Alcott.It proves beyond doubt that Ali Abunimah & Co. never read my work or understood any of my ideas.I guess … Continue reading

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Not The Wisest Phil Around

By Gilad Atzmon God bless Philip Weiss, the progressive Jewish blogger brave enough to admit in public those things other Jewish ethnic activists prefer to shove under the carpet. A year ago, Weiss was brave enough to confess to me … Continue reading

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The Psychopathology Of Being Jewish

The Psychopathology Of Being Jewish And Getting Away With It Psychopaths do not reveal themselves until they do something which requires a conscience. They can imitate the behavior of others and for example to pretend grief at a funeral. But … Continue reading

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Friday, October 26, 2012 at 10:10AM By Gilad Atzmon Just as we were learning about ‘anti’ Zionist Mondoweiss’ decision to revise its comment policy to exclude discussion of the true nature of the Jewish State, the openly pro Zionist Haaretz … Continue reading

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Mondoweiss Restrict Free Comment

by deLiberation Thursday, October 25th, 2012 What to make of a site that has successfully presented itself as an activist website specialising in covering the middle east and the related politics and offering a forum for comments and a free … Continue reading

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“Anti-Semitism” as a political weapon

by Lasse Wilhelmson Monday, October 22nd, 2012  Criticising Israel’s mistakes is acceptable. But questioning whether Israel is a Jewish state with a racist apartheid system that renders non-Jews second rate citizens – that is not acceptable. It makes little difference … Continue reading

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Lauren Booth: ‘Journey to Islam and Palestine’

Posted on September 22, 2012 |   British journalist and broadcaster, Lauren Booth (born Sarah Booth, July 22, 1967), reverted to Islam in late 2010. Even before her newly found faith, she supported Palestinian resistance against the Zionist-Jewish occupation of … Continue reading

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Zionists in Disguise

Over my years of activism on Palestine, I’ve heard many protestations about how ‘anti-zionist’ various individuals who are members of zionists fronts ‘really are.’ The zionists in the US include in their leadership many ‘red diaper babies’–children and grandchildren of … Continue reading

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