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the Khazar plan

by David Holden Saturday, March 9th, 2013 A Brief History of Khazars in the ‘Goldene Medin’> Contributed by John Churchilly “The Khazars – or Ashkenazis (Hebrew for German) how they call themselves today – are actually the descendants of ethnic … Continue reading

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The fraud of the "chosen ones"

Zionists design myth of jewish genome to usurp palestine By Jim W. Dean They perpetrated the fraud solely to support the bogus biblical claim to Palestine which was anchored in their being a separate people. This distinguished them from all … Continue reading

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The myth of the Jewish people

                       By Jamal Kanj The Invention of the Jewish People is a book written by Shlomo Sand, an Israeli professor of history at the University of Tel Aviv. The author wasn’t probing a belief system but Zionist fabrications of a … Continue reading

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Who are these guys and how did they end up in Israel anyhow? Thisparticular group is offended by the presence of a female news reporter.ED Noor: They sneeringly refer to themselves as “the Tribe” but accuse all non Jews of … Continue reading

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Israel Stands Alone as Zion Faces Destruction

Posted on August 13, 2012 by Rick Bronson A recent report coming out of Israel via The Times of Israel shows the dilemma the wannabe conquerors find themselves in, considering the international awakening to the reality of Zionism. For the … Continue reading

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‘When and How Was the Land of Israel Invented?’

Posted on May 30, 2012 | Remember the ‘self-hating’ Jewish historian and author, Professor Shlomo Sand (Tel Aviv University), who pulled the rug underneath Zionist Jews in his 2009 book, ‘The Invention of the Jewish People’. Well, the good-old professor … Continue reading

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The Palestinians as an “Invented People”

by Rich Siegel Saturday, May 12th, 2012 Palestinians protesting about hunger strikes The name “Palestine” has been around for a long time. “Peleset”, transliterated from Egyptian hieroglyphics as “P-l-s-t”, is found in numerous Egyptian documents referring to a neighboring people … Continue reading

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by Noor al Haqiqa This is an older find. I think this image was first posted in 2007. I thought it might be of interest to my readers, however. Chances are that, at the time of this particular battle, the … Continue reading

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History Lessons

From kenny’s sideshow History Lessons Khazars “In Khazaria, sheep, honey, and Jews exist in large quantities.”Muqaddasi,Descriptio Imperii Moslemici(tenth century). Dr. Ashraf Ezzat reminds us that the highest profile ‘invented’ people in history are the jews. Perhaps the highest profile ‘invented’ … Continue reading

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The Palestinians? Hell, they’re an ‘Invented’ People!

Via FLC ‘An Illusion!’ “Does Newt Gingrich believe in a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? Democratic and Republican administrations have adopted that framework, but Mr. Gingrich raised the possibility he might break with it, calling Palestinians an “invented” people … Continue reading

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