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Lahoud: Syria Triumphs Under Assad Leadership

  Fatima Salemeh Former Lebanese President Emile Lahoud warned of the dangerous phase Lebanon is undergoing, noting it is a delicate phase in regard to the chaos and difficulties it faces. In an interview with al-Ahed news, Lahoud said “This … Continue reading

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Resistant President Lahoud

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

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Mister Seniora is definitely something else . Less than a decade ago the Lebanese went out of their mind when PM Hariri- the father- appointed him as authentic minister of finances to the great shock and objection of many, for … Continue reading

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Emile Lahoud: AL, a Puppet Controlled by US Administration

Local Editor Former Lebanese Member of Parliament Emile Lahoud wondered why some Arab countries, especially Saudi Arabia, gave up on their leading Arab role for the sake of Qatar, which has presented its Foreign Minister as the so-called “actual Arab … Continue reading

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Israeli Hostility Decides Times of War, Resistance Decides Times of Victory

Local Editor Sayyed Nasrallah Has Strong Argument, Requires no Explanation;Israeli Hostility Decides Times of War, Resistance Decides Times of Victory;‘Army, People, Resistance’ Formula Established with Blood and Martyrdom;Syria’s Force Stems from its President, People and Army;Targeting UNIFIL Serves Israel since … Continue reading

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Lahoud: Whatever Sacrifices Needed, Lebanon to Protect Its Wealth

  Local Editor President Emile Lahoud called the “government to launch its action in a focused and intense way starting from giving the social and living conditions the absolute priority.” “People are tired of waiting to get their intuitive rights … Continue reading

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>The resisting president

> ‘فخامة المقاوم’ ‘Fmr. President Emile Lahoud & MPs Mohamad Raad & Emile Lahoud, in Mlita, South Lebanon’ Posted by G, M, Z, or B at 11:33 AM River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

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>Wikileaks: Hariri: "We have to get rid of Michel Suleiman … He is Syria’s man…"

> Via “friday-lunch-club” Doc. Number 2602/ August 12, 2006 Hariri meeting Jeffrey Feltman (Excerpts) Original will be availbale once site releases it) “Hariri tells Feltman that he will once again callinf for the ‘removal of Emile Lahoud’ and asks that … Continue reading

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>"Get rid of Emile Lahoud…"

> Via Friday-Lunch-Club “…Feltman wrote that Brammertz had even advocated regime change in Lebanon in order to coax suspects into talking. “Brammertz continued that another development that could facilitate witnesses coming forward would be a change in the [Emile] Lahoud … Continue reading

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>Back then: "Lebanon’s president Emile Lahoud refuses to endorse Hariri tribunal"

> Via Friday-Lunch-Club   “… The president considers the Siniora government to be unconstitutional since six pro-Syrian Cabinet ministers, including all the Shi’ite Muslims, resigned last month shortly before the government initially approved the tribunal. The constitution, he says, requires … Continue reading

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