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O traitor Meshaal: Martyr Shaikh Ahmed Yassin said hours before his death,

A must see الشيخ احمد ياسين يتحدث عن دور سوريا في احتضان فصائل المقاومة على راسها حركة حماس ويشيد بصمودها امام الضغوط الامريكية..ويتحدث عن دور الاستعمار في تحويل الصراع الى صراع سني شيعي. فأين حماس الأن من الشهيد الشيخ أحمد … Continue reading

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Once Upon a Time…There Was a Martyr

Local Editor* Tanks and military vehicles were all over the roads, and the soldiers watched the entire place. It was a crossing point where people waited for days to get “assent” to reach their towns or the capital (Beirut). He … Continue reading

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Sayyed Nasrallah Urges Prudence: “If Troublemaker Brings You News, Verify It"

Marwa Haidar12-11-2012 Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah warned that the current stage in Lebanon is so critical, saying there are some sides who have been working hard to create sedition among Muslims.His eminence urged prudence and wisdom in order … Continue reading

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>Returning to Jerusalem

> My Palestine Posted on 13/06/2011 by reham alhelsi Source: google images Izzat Aziz Maswadeh was among the thousands of Palestinians who on Nakba commemoration day, 15.05.2011, continued the collective march of return to Palestine and to Palestinian homes and … Continue reading

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>He returned on Nakba Day, Martyred on Naksa Day, Millions will follow

>Izat aziz Muswada (36 years), born in Jerusalem in 1977, his family moved to Jordan and then to Syria.His father moved back to Jerusalem shortly afterward, but Izat and his mother return was denied for staying away more than three years, … Continue reading

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>"Veteran" SAMI JADALLAH: I always condemned “terrorist” acts committed by both Israelis and Palestinians"

> SAMI JADALLAH contributes at PTT, the Hasbara (Closed not Hacked) site, being American since 1962, and as “a former soldier with JD in law from top ranking school” he condemn the cold blooded murder of inocent Israeli, “whether the methods of acts … Continue reading

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>Israel to conduct security exercises in J’lem simulating human bombing operation

> [ 12/10/2010 – 06:46 PM ] OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Israeli security forces have launched wide ranging security exercises in occupied Jerusalem that simulate human bombing operations against Israeli targets in the city. Israeli police told media the exercises begin … Continue reading

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>DoD Funded study: "Suicide attacks are due to Occupation …"

> Via Friday-Lunch-Club “… Robert Pape, a University of Chicago political science professor and former Air Force lecturer, will present findings on Capitol Hill Tuesday that argue that the majority of suicide terrorism around the world since 1980 has had … Continue reading

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Islamic Jihad: We Will Resume Martyrdom Operation

02/08/2010 Islamic Jihad said on Sunday that it had decided to resume martyrdom operations against the Zionist entity from the occupied West Bank. The threat came in response to attacks launched by IAF planes on the Gaza Strip in the … Continue reading

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