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More Trouble in Murdoch World

var addthis_product = ‘wpp-261’;var addthis_config = {“data_track_clickback”:true}; So, Murdoch is taking a more proactive approach to stop the bleeding. But will it work? postulates Mike Whitney  Foreword by Debbie Menon The Mainstream Press and TV misinformation services in general are … Continue reading

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>Independent investigation or US-Israeli cat’s paw?

>  The Special Tribunal for Lebanon MIKE WHITNEY January 18, 2010 “Information Clearing House” — In August 2010, Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah presented “intercepted Israeli reconnaissance footage” and “the recorded confessions of Israeli spies” at news conference in Beirut … Continue reading

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>The US/Israeli Coup in Beirut

>By Mike Whitney January 15, 2010 Information Clearing House United States and Israel have executed a stealth coup that has precipitated the collapse of Lebanon’s unity government. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton preemptively torpedoed negotiations between Saudi Arabia and Syria … Continue reading

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>Paul J. Balles: Grains of sand: perspectives on roles of Israel and USA in Middle East

>Sunday, January 16, 2011 at 4:35AM Gilad Atzmon In an article entitled “Weapons of mass deception“, I suggested that there has been too much control of the mainstream media by too few people. The result? Much gets left out, covered … Continue reading

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"Why is Nasrallah demonized in the western media?"

Wednesday, 17 February 2010 03:50 |  An interview with Franklin Lamb, PhD By Mike Whitney January 23, 2010 “Information Clearing House”  Mike Whitney — Are the Lebanese people grateful to Hezbollah for forcing Israel to retreat in the war of … Continue reading

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