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It’s time for sanctions on Israel

The merger of the rightwing parties will increase extremism and racism against Palestinians. Sanctions are the only answer  Ahead of the Israeli elections next January, a merger between the parties of the prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, and the foreign … Continue reading

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Winograd: ‘War with Iran could destroy Israel’

Posted on September 3, 2012 |   Former Israeli Supreme Court judge Eliyahu Winograd, who chaired the ‘Winograd Commission’ panel to investgate the causes of Israel’s military defeat at the hands of Lebanese Islamic militia, Hizbullah, in 2006. Yesterday, speaking … Continue reading

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Abbas to Meet Mofaz for First Time in Years

Local EditorPalestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas will meet the Zionist Vice-Premier Shaul Mofaz on Sunday, the first such high-level meeting in years, a Palestinian official said. The meeting will focus on the prospect of resuming the so-called ‘Palestinian-Israeli peace talks’ … Continue reading

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Eye on the Enemy: Meridor, Iran-Syria-Hizbullah Axis Must be Broken

Local Editor Mofaz: West Must Strongly Interfere in SyriaArmy Radio Deputy Prime Minister, Shaul Mofaz said that the cyber war launched against Iran by many countries is a justified war, “I think it is a positive thing to let the … Continue reading

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The Unified Settler Party

xymphora The Case Of Uri Avnery I don’t usually link to Uri Avnery, as he is a horrible lite Zionist, but he has done an excellent job of summarizing the recent politics of Israel: “The Netanyahu-Mofaz Pact“. Israel has finally … Continue reading

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Israel: ‘Lying is kosher diplomacy’

Posted on May 9, 2012 | On March 3, 2012, Iranian-born Israeli opposition leader in Knesset, Gen. Shaul Mofaz, wrote on his Facebook page: “Listen closely, I will not enter Bibi government. Not today. Not Tomorrow. Not after I take … Continue reading

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Netanyahu Crowns Himself King of Israel: Will Israeli Left Finally Stir?

By Jonathan Cook Israelis barely had time to absorb the news that they were heading into a summer election when Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu yesterday pulled the rug from underneath the charade. Rancourous early electioneering had provided cover for a … Continue reading

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>Mofaz expects military showdown with Palestinians

> [ 11/03/2011 – 11:12 AM ] OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Head of Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defence Committee, Shaul Mofaz, said on Thursday that he expected a military showdown with the Palestinians if the political process remains stagnant. Israeli radio … Continue reading

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