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Democracy in Moroco and Dictatorship in Syria

  Democracy in Moroco and Dictatorship in Syria                   Bahrain     River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and … Continue reading

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Syria’s Unified Armed Opposition: Internal Divisions, External Ties

Two Syrian women walk down to the river bank as rebel fighters load their belongings onto a boat to cross the Orontes river to Turkey near the northern Syrian town of Darkush on 14 December 2012. (Photo: Odd Andersen)   … Continue reading

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Supporters of rebels recognize recent coalition as Syria representative

Ministers attend a conference for the Friends of Syria group meeting of Arab and Western states in Marrakech on 12 December 2012. (Photo: Reuters – Abderrahmane Mokhtari) Published Wednesday, December 12, 2012   Western and Arab nations sympathetic to Syrian … Continue reading

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“Shiite Expansion” Becomes “Iranian Expansion” after Al-Manar Publishes Report

Local Editor One day after Al-Manar website published Hespress website’s report about Morocco sending security experts to Bahrain to “confront Shiite expansion”, our website received a letter from the deputy editor-in-chief of Moroccan An-Nahar daily indicating that he has warned … Continue reading

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Morocco will Send Security Experts to Bahrain to Confront “Shiite Expansion”

Local Editor “Morocco had finally agreed with the Bahrain Kingdom to send retired security officials who have previously worked in security and army careers, to work with special Bahraini security units to confront the challenges the country is facing, especially … Continue reading

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The Zionist Infestation Of Africa Revisited: The More Details, The More Devils

by Jonathan Azaziah  There is simply no end tothe rape, plunder and pillagethat Africa has endured at thehands of international Zionism.(Graphic by Skulz Fontaine)  As the cliché famously goes when one attempts to point out the mysterious or … Continue reading

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Israeli Report: Morocco King’s Wife Too Generous!

Press reports said that Morocco King Mohammed VI’s wife offered Israeli opposition leader Tzipi Livni a diamond-studded gold necklace when the latter secretly visited Rabat in late 2009. According to the report, Morocco’s Jewish Federation, too, spared no money on … Continue reading

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>Moroccan jew speaks up against zionism and israeli racism

> Sunday, May 22, 2011 at 3:06PM Gilad Atzmon

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>On Sabir Nureddin’s alternative strategy for liberation of Libya

> By Uprooted Palestinian On March, 21 2011, Nureddin Sabir argued “that opposition by the left and the anti-imperialist and anti-war movements to the NATO military action in Libya is misplaced and deeply flawed’” Exited with USA- NATO countries air … Continue reading

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>"They told us: Democracy is not a value that has much currency in the region!…"

> Via Friday-Lunch-Club The Arabist writes in the Guardian: “There is a phrase coined in 2004 by Michael Gerson, a speechwriter for George W Bush best-known for having come up with “axis of evil”, that I’ve always liked. In a … Continue reading

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