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All Syrian weapons available for Hezbollah since 2007

On the Day of the Martyr Leaders Sayyed Hassan revealed that   · “For 30 years the resistance was one of the strongest realities that changed regional strategies.” · “The Lebanese resistance has helped the Palestinian resistance by all means to … Continue reading

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Imad Moghnieh Retaliates for His Assassination: "Israel" Mired by the Fear of Revenge

    By Ali Chehab As-safir Daily, 20-02-2013 What if Hajj Imad was still alive? How would he have retaliated for the assassination of one of the Resistance’s leaders? He would have certainly planned for retribution that would be way … Continue reading

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No Peace Without Hezbollah and Hezbollah will not compromise on a grain of soil of Palestine.

“The Palestinian cause is definitely at a turning point . What will happen next we don’t know . With the fall of HAMAS in the sectarian set up has fallen the last bastion of the Palestinian Resistance if bastion there … Continue reading

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Exclusive: The Final Hours of Imad Mughniyeh

The explosion was heard around 10:20 pm. Some people rushed to the location, including those Mughniyeh was seeing in the apartment.   Published Tuesday, February 19, 2013   An Al-Akhbar investigation into the 2008 assassination of Hezbollah commander Imad Mughniyeh … Continue reading

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Secrets of the Assasination of Imad Mughniyeh in Syria Revealed

كشف اسرار اغتيا ل عماد مغنية في سوريا وصيتي لكم ان كنت لن اعود ألتقي بكم في جنة الخلود سأرسم الحدود دماءً وورود وكلكم شهود أنتم الأحرار حصن كل دار ما ذلّكم حصار ما همكم قيود وكلكم شهود وكلكم شهود … Continue reading

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Updated: "Slip of Clinton’s tongue": "Hamas" assassinated the chief of Syrian missile program!?

The day they tried to kill him was the day Mishal the leader was born,’ a Jordanian journalist told McGeough. ‘The man who died that day was Abu Marzook. Nobody wanted to talk to moderate Abu Marzook (Known as MR. … Continue reading

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An open letter from Amr Nassef to Mishaal رسالة مفتوحة من الاعلامي عمرو ناصف الى خالد مشعل

Amr Nassef is an Egyptian media star working in Al-Manar TV in the famous program: what next? In his open letter to the hypocrite Khaled Mishaal, Amr blamed Mishaal for ingoring a hundred Hezbollah martyrs killed during the smuggling of the Irani rockets into Gaza.   He … Continue reading

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