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Palestinians Refugees Hope For Cease-fire in Syrian Camp

  Ziad Haidar Palestinian sources from the Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus said it may take up to a week before the ongoing negotiations between the Palestinian factions and the armed groups that occupy a large part of the camp … Continue reading

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US-NATO Sponsored “Free Syrian Army” Terrorists are Falling Apart

US-NATO Sponsored “Free Syrian Army” is Falling Apart. Government Forces Have the Upper Hand The FSA continues to shine like a dead star   By Thierry Meyssan Global Research, January 02, 2013   While the French press persists in announcing … Continue reading

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Is Yarmouk Headed for the Same Fate as Nahr al Bared?

 Franklin Lamb Report from Yarmouk Camp, DamascusAl-manar  Nahr-al-Barid Some Palestinians here in Damascus, from the Palestinian writers union with whom this observer has been meeting, including independent researcher Hamad Said Al-Mawed, are saying so. Admittedly there are some similarities … Continue reading

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‘Who is inciting young Lebanese men & sending them on the road to perdition, aka, ‘Jihad in Syria’?

FLC [AsSafir] “… To find the missing links, one has to first find answers to a lot of questions. Chief among these are the following: What group do these young men belong to? And what is its nature? Who encouraged … Continue reading

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Palestinian Camps in Lebanon: The Displaced Guests of a Refugee Host

Palestinian siblings Israa, Alaa and Omar (R) Diab play together in the Rashidiyeh Palestinian refugee camp in the southern Lebanese city of Tyre on 6 August 2012, after their family, one of 40, fled the Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmouk … Continue reading

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Lebanon on the Edge of Exploding, al-Qaida Affiliated in Refugee Camps Frontlines, Separate Incidents

Hilda al-Maadarani“We are witnessing a small revolution or small chaos.” That’s how one of Lebanon’s high-ranking security officials described what has been occurring in the country for some time now; including cutting roads for many reasons, kidnappings, protests, and separate … Continue reading

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Nahr al-Bared: People Taking Charge

During a sit-in to support Nahr al-Bared residents, in Beirut 29 June 2012. Placard reads “You need a permit to enter your home?” (Photo: Haitham Moussawi) By: Robert Abdallah Published Wednesday, July 11, 2012 A new independent leadership is rising … Continue reading

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