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>Netherlands could be safe haven for war criminals: leaked memo

>Adri Nieuwhof, The Electronic Intifada, 8 February 2011 A leaked secret memorandum from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs suggests the government is seeking to ensure Israeli and other foreign officials who may be pursued for war crimes can visit … Continue reading

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>The civil-disobediance-act by the Chief Police of Amsterdam

> Frustrated Arab’s Diary my Dutch Hero !! The chief-of-the-Police in Amsterdam has declared ,in a television interview, that he shall not arrest any woman wearing a Burqa. In fact a new law might come out banning women (or men) … Continue reading

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>Democracy under threat over EI funding, Dutch groups say

>Report, The Electronic Intifada, 24 January 2011 Foreign Minister of the Netherlands Uri Rosenthal has threatened to punish the Dutch foundation ICCO for its continued funding of The Electronic Intifada. Dutch civil society organizations condemn the minister’s tactics, warning that … Continue reading

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>Anti-Islam Geert Wilders Not Welcome in Germany

> 03/10/2010 German Protesters gathered outside the Hotel Berlin against Dutch hardliner and anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders’ visit to their country. Wilders was to give a speech and the protest was countered by some 250 policemen. The Dutch anti-Islam and … Continue reading

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